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Fusion Clashes: Gundam Battle-Rave (フュージョン戦記ガンダムバトレイヴ?) is a manga released to promote the eponymous collectible card game, which had released at the end of the prior year. The project was a collaboration between both Sunrise and Bandai for the 20th anniversary of the Cardass trading cards, with Kunio Okawara and Hajime Katoki participating as contributors of original artwork. Battle-Rave began serialization in V Jump magazine in March, 2008. It was the first ever Gundam series to appear in a Shueisha publication.


In the virtual space "G Dimension" players can battle in the Machine Souls summoned with the cards contained in their "G Catapult Gear". One day while playing, Hyuuga and his twin brother Gekkou are attacked by unknown MS. Hyuuga was in danger, but was guided by a mysterious voice. Hyuuga gained the power to use the "Battle-Rave" to combine his Machine Soul with "Wisdams" to create a Fusion MS. He repels the enemies by fusing his MS Gundam with a dragon, but the two brothers become trapped in the G Dimension.


Volume 1

  • FUSION 1: Fusion!
  • FUSION 2: Wanderer!
  • FUSION 3: The Man in the Iron Mask!
  • FUSION 4: Special gene!
  • FUSION 5:
  • FUSION 6: A New Enemy!
  • FUSION 7:
  • FUSION 8:

Volume 2

  • FUSION 9:
  • FUSION 10:
  • FUSION 11:
  • FUSION 12:
  • FUSION 13:
  • FUSION 14:
  • FUSION 15: The final battle!
  • FUSION 16: Final Fusion!


  • Hyuuga
  • Gekkou
  • Shizuku
  • Zion
  • Doraguwan
  • Luke Edge

Machine Souls


Unlike most card games, there is not traditional deck or hand. Cards are instead kept in a flip-book referred to as "G Catapult Gear," which has twelve pages to keep cards. There are two types of cards in the game: "Core MS" cards and "Battle-Rave" cards. Battle-Rave cards have artwork on both sides, with one side having a Fusion MS design and the other having the Wisdam different things on both sides.

  • Core MS card

Come into play when the game begins, the Machine Souls are based on Gundams and have SD proportions. Combine them with Widsam on Battle-Rave cards to form Fusion MS.

  • Battle-Rave card

Fusion MS on one side, the card depicting the wisdam of the other side. Start a game without turning the G catapult gear.

Fusion MS Surface on which the MS is fused with the wisdam written. G catapult into gear so you can view this page. If you use MS overlaid their gear out of the G catapult.

Wisdam Painted surfaces include the fusion to fuse MS. Has different effects, look if you use other leave to G catapult gear.


The Fusion MS and Wisdam has four attributes, characteristics and dynamics are related to each. However, a small fraction is also present and Wisdam Fusion MS with no attributes.

  • Bio

Organisms such as plants and animals that represent the attributes. Red color of the card. Increase the power more effective, strong attributes mainly tech.

  • Tech

Attributes that represent a machine with a focus on artifacts. Vehicles such as cars and planes, household appliances such as televisions and washing machines, and more are also included building pyramids and Yachihokoya. Blue color of the card. The effect of interfering with many other strong attributes mainly hero.

  • Hero

Represent the main human attributes. From what appeared to be RPG-like warriors and wizards, which included martial arts, such as athletes or up. Yellow color of the card. More effective to work with Will, Legend mostly stronger.

  • Legend

Phantom Beast monsters that represent attributes such as solubility. Green color of the card. Other attributes are not many special effects, mainly bio-resistant.



  • Vol.1 ISBN 978-4-08-874601-2
  • Vol.2 ISBN 978-4-08-874695-1

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