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Fumitan Admoss (フミタン・アドモス Fumitan Adomosu?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Personality & Character

Fumitan Admoss is Kudelia Aina Bernstein's personal maid. She was assigned to her at a young age and was given the mission to bring Kudelia to her own demise. Despite this, she has changed slowly and began to care for Kudelia. Kudelia treats her like an older sister and often goes to her to ask for advice.

Skills & Abilities

Fumitan possesses some considerable skills with computer systems, being able to infiltrate Gjallarhorn's long range communications network.


She was known to have been assigned to Kudelia Aina Bernstein. As her guardian, she was tasked to keep an eye on her and she began teaching her and giving her advices. At one point, a young Kudelia asked her for accompany to a slum part on Mars, after Kudelia had shown her a book which depicts a woman holding a sword and becoming everybody's hope, which the young lady wanted to imitate.

During the visit, Fumitan had hidden herself in order to let Kudelia see the reality of giving people false hope. Kudelia then would search for her around the area and drowned herself in tears after seeing her again, labeling herself as a 'horrible person'. 

Post Disaster 323

She was with Kudelia when Gjallarhorn attacks CGS's headquarters in an attempt to assassinate Kudelia Aina Bernstein. Their attempts were thwarted due to actions of CGS's Third Group.


Kudelia Aina Bernstein
Nobliss Gordon


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