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Full Armor Knight Unicorn Gundam (フルアーマー騎士ユニコーンガンダム, Furu āmā kishi yunikōn gandamu) is a variant of the Knight Unicorn Gundam that appeared in the SD Gundam Ultimate Battle Carddass series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Magnum Sword
Full Armor Knight Unicorn Gundam's sword. This sword is the same one used by Knight Unicorn Gundam.
  • Shield
Full Armor Knight Unicorn Gundam's shield. This shield is the same one used by Knight Unicorn Gundam.

Special Features

  • Magic
Full Armor Knight Unicorn, unlike Knight Unicorn, can only use the magic "Call" (コール, kōru). All other magic is offensive magic originating from the backpack.
  • Beast Mode
Full Armor Knight Unicorn's true form. Unlike Knight Unicorn, this form is permanent.


During the events of SD Gundam Ultimate Battle, Knight Unicorn Gundam had planned to become a god by forcing Knight Gundam to turn into a card. With this goal accomplished, he takes control of the remaining warriors in order to continue the fighting. As the battle rages on, Tenkai Bujin Matsuri Musha Mikoshimaru, who had been following Knight Unicorn from a higher dimension, descends from the heavens. Knight Unicorn Gundam uses his new power to transform into Full Armor Knight Unicorn and engages Mikoshimaru. In response to his attack, Mikoshimaru summons Warrior God Voudainlander and Summoner X to assist him. Summoner X uses his Akashic Binder to summon a new group of warriors. As Summoner X is slowly being overpowered, Knight V2 Gundam senses that Unicorn was being controlled by the armor, but says he is an enemy and must be defeated. He is then convinced by Ryūkenshi to use the power of the Thunder Sword and the Storm Sword to destroy it. With Knight Unicorn freed, the full armor reveals its true identity: Red Majin Shamblo.


Notes & Trivia


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