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Fuka Uno is a character from the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. The sister of Takaki Uno, she was born six years after him.[1]

Personality & Character

Fuka is a very sweet little girl. She is very studious, preferring to spend all of her free time studying.

Skills & Abilities

Fuka did most of the cooking while she and Takaki were living in Edmonton.


P.D. 323

P.D. 325

She resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her brother Takaki.


Takaki Uno

Fuka's older brother, she has shown much love and concern for him. After Tekkedan's Earth Branch was founded, Takaki moved to Earth with Fuka and the two of them lived together in an apartment in Edmonton.

Aston Altland

Fuka first met Aston when Takaki brought him home for dinner one night. Since then, she grew very attached to him. His death affected Fuka greatly.


Notes & Trivia


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