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Fujiyama Company is a fictional company appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Frame Astrays. The company's name is formally written in uppercase letters, which stand for "Future Japan Industrial Yield And Manufacturing.


Fujiyama Inc. is a company headquartered in the Republic of East Asia and its main client is the Earth Alliance. It develops the sensors mounted on the missiles used by the EA army, and is also involved in the development of MA such as the FXet-565 Cosmograsper. Although the company falls behind its competitors in the area of MS development, it is able to catch up quickly as it manages to hire some of the technicians that fled from Orb during the first war. During the development of their first MS, GAT-FJ108 Raigo Gundam, the company receives some assistance from Actaeon Industries and the suit later undergoes testing piloted by Gai Murakumo and Lukas O'Donnell. Fujiyama also has mercenaries of their own, who are often deployed to help the EA when there is a need.


Notes & Trivia

The name "Fujiyama" comes from Mt. Fuji, a famous mountain in Japan.

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