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Froi Olfenoa (フロイ・オルフェノア) is a fictional character from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE and serves as the Earth Federation's Prime Minister during the first parts of the war with the Vagan.

Personality & Character

Particularly fond of speeches, his wife exclaims how Froi is good with words.


He is from the prestigious Olfenoa family of Earth, which has produced many successive prime ministers and high-ranking government officials. They are also related to Dr. Streit Fondor, the architect of the Mars migration plan and involved in the cover-up. He is the Prime Minister of the Earth Federation, and he gave Asemu Asuno a lesson when he joined the Federation Forces. Froi is ostensibly the supreme leader of the Earth Federation, but in reality, he has been in league with the Vagans and has built his current position on the basis of the huge amount of information he has received. In fact, the Olfenoa family had been hiding this fact for a long time, and their descendant, Froi had been threatened by the Vagans. He was involved in the assassination of Grodek Ainoa, an interloper who had learned of his inside activities. In 142 A.G., at the memorial ceremony for Day of Courage in the capital city of Brucia, he was attacked by Vagan troops led by Medel Zant, who had no use for him. His crimes were exposed by Flit Asuno, and he was taken into custody. In the subsequent trial, Froi is sentenced to the maximum penalty for treason. In addition to him, many other insiders within the Federation were arrested and executed by Flit and his team, forcing the Earth Federation government to reform and reorganize. However, as is always the case, no system is perfect, and even after the birth of the new Earth Federation government, there is no end to the number of informants, and even within the Federation Forces, corruption worsens to the point where looting and drug trafficking are rampant.

In the novelization, Froi was ostensibly a supporter of Flit and his military buildup, but as in the main story, he was privy to the Vagans. As a family with a history of organizing the Jupiter Fleet, they own a number of rare metal mines in the Jupiter Sphere, but Flit discovered that they were receiving support from the Mars Sphere (Vagan) due to a discrepancy of nearly an order of magnitude between the disclosed production volume and the actual production volume of each mine, which was retained by Grodek. The evidence that Grodek had of the inside job was scattered throughout the world's networks. He is also impeached by Flit, who accuses him of being responsible for the genocide of at least 30 million people killed by the Vagans.


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