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Freddie (フレディ Furedi?) is a character in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE television series.

Personality & Character

He is filled with curiosity and always gets ahead of himself.

Skills & Abilities

He is able to access the ruins to summon the BUILD DiVERS when they are needed.


Freddie is the one who brought the BUILD DiVERS together, the group was summoned to Eldora after answering his distress call and destroyed three One-Eyes units that are after him. When he first met them at the ruins, he called them Creators and thought their machines were sacred vessels, though it was soon corrected by Kazami, who called himself and the others Builders. Freddie was able to watch the skirmish from a distance, and after the group defeated the enemies, he mistakenly believed that they are the Build Divers.

Freddie later summoned them again for help to fend off an imminent One-Eyes attack on his village. He introduced the BUILD DiVERS to his family, and provide reassurance that the BUILD DiVERS would be able to protect them until the Resistance arrived. Freddie subsequently summoned the force to Eldora whenever needed, and often rides with one of the members, mostly Hiroto.

When the group arrived at the base located on Eldora's moon, Freddie tried to reason with Alus and asked why his people and others were being attacked. His question was not answered, and after Kazami accidentally gave away the location of a key Resistance base in Seguri, the group was forced to fight. Unfortunately, they lost the battle and the Seguri was wiped off the map, killing Freddie's brother, Jed, a member of the Resistance. The energy wave from the attack later caused the BUILD DiVERS to disappear before Freddie's eyes. At the ruins, the entrance had become sealed with debris, preventing him from summoning the BUILD DiVERS for some time.

It was later revealed that Freddie's interest in the ruins was piqued due to a book he found in the storage room that contains myths of the Creators. One day at the ruins, he accidentally activated something in his sleep, triggering a display of multiple feeds from GBN. Through them, Freddie was able to see the adventures of the original Build Divers, thinking they were the Creators of myth. It was also revealed that prior to summoning the BUILD DiVERS for the first time, the One-Eyes had pursued him because he managed to distracted them from his village after spotting them on his way to the ruins. Freddie tried to summon the Build Divers due to their abilities, but ended up summoning Kazami and the others due to a chance encounter and because of Kazami's willingness to help.[1]

Sometime after the Build Divers had disappeared, he eventually found the strength to return to the ruins and cleared as much of the debris as he could to enter it. However, despite his best effort, he failed to summon the BUILD DiVERS. He then fell asleep and dreamed of the Seltsam and Uraven Gundam locked in battle. When he woke up, the ruins became active again and he was able to reach the BUILD DiVERS.


  • Tonoi
Village leader and Freddie's father.[2]
  • Maiya
Freddie's elder sister.[2]
  • Jed
Freddie's oldest brother. A member of the Resistance, he was killed when Seguri was destroyed.


Notes & Trivia

  • In episode 25 of Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE, Freddie's talk to Alus reminded the latter of the Ancients' last words to him. Additionally, Freddie's appearance also caused Alus to recall a dog-like pet owned by the Ancients.


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