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Garrod sits staring at the sky at the base of his Gundam, the contrail of the rocket and shuttle fading away along with Tiffa, the girl kinapped by Nicol Faphus of the Space Revolutionary Army and taking onto the shuttle bound for the space colonies. Finally snapping out of his daze by the Freeden's doctor with the use of one of Tiffa's drawings of Garrod and her together, he tells the crew everything that he saw. Returning to the ship, they encounter Ennil El, the womans arrival and warning about the planned kidnapping coming to late. But using the other information that she has, the Freeden makes its way to a captured base belonging to the New UNE taken over by SRA spies. Making a deal to give the spies the Double X and Garrod to help them test the mobile suit, the S.R.A. agents allow Garrod to board a space warship that they are stealing from the New UNE for study. As the ship starts to depart, the base comes under attack by New UNE forces and the Frost brothers...

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