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Flight to Tomorrow (明日への出航 Ashita e no Tabidachi?) is the Phase-14 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, it first aired in Japan on January 15, 2005 and in North America on June 8, 2007.


Kira and friends discuss matters about the PLANTs during the aftermath of the assassination attempt. During that time, they are informed that Cagalli will be marrying Yuna Roma Seiran. Kira decides to use the Freedom to abduct Cagalli from the ceremony, returning to the Archangel. Yuna orders Cagalli's immediate capture. Instead, Colonel Todaka salutes while letting the Archangel submerge into the ocean.


The unit used for the attempted assassination of Lacus was ZAFT's latest model MS ASH

Kira, who was considering to emigrate from the unstable Orb to PLANT, is forced to cancel his plan. Cagalli's nanny Myrna arrives and delivers a letter to Kira with the news of Cagalli's marriage to Yuna. Inside the envelope was Athrun's ring.

Cagalli says in the letter that she is marrying Yuna to fulfill her responsibility as the representative of Orb. While staring at the ring, which Cagalli asks to return to Athrun, makes a certain decision. The wedding day finally comes but there is not a slightest glow in Cagalli's face. All she can do is recall the days she spent with Athrun and wear a resigned expression.

Soon, the wedding begins. Meanwhile, Murrue and the crew launch the Archangel that has been secretly docked and repaired. Kira, on Freedom Gundam, launches and heads for the city. Cagalli is stunned by the sudden appearance of Freedom Gundam at the ceremony. Kira grabs her and disappears into the sea along with the Archangel, leaving the Orb's guarding units behind.

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