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The Zala Team make another effort to destroy the Archangel and the Strike. Dearka in the Buster is shot down by Mu and surrenders. Tolle attempts to aid Kira, but he is killed by Athrun. The grief Kira and Athrun suffer over their friends' death is enough for them to try to kill each other.






Notes & Trivia

  • The detonation code which Athrun inputted for the Aegis Gundam is 2887, a reference to the airing date of Fukuda Mitsuo's earlier work, Metal Armor Dragonar.

HD Remaster Changes

  • Tolle's death scene was reused from the Special Edition release of Gundam Seed.
  • The stills from the battle between Athrun/Aegis and Kira/Strike was fully animated.
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