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Flanders (フランダース Furanndaasu?) is a dog in Mobile Suit Victory Gundam. He remains a frequent character throughout the series and is often seen alongside Shakti Kareen, Haro and Karlmann Dukartuse.



  • The eyecatch mid episode features Flanders and Haro. Throughout the series the Haro grows bigger and Flanders reacts to it. By the end of the series the Haro is beginning to grow larger than the Earth and Flanders has disappeared entirely.
  • The name Flanders may be in reference to the famous novel A Dog of Flanders which was written by Marie Louise de la Ramée. The novel received a 1975 anime series animated by renowned Nippon Animation. The novel has also had a number of live action adaptations.
  • Flanders has a brief cameo in Gundam Build Divers where he is seen biting Patrick Colasour.
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