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Fisher Ness ( ?) is a fictional character the manga Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt. He is a Zeon soldier who served as part of the Living Dead Division.

Personality & Character

A loyal comrade and strong fighter, Fisher has served in the Zeon forces throughout the war. Losing both of his legs in combat at some point, Fisher was eventually assigned to the Living Dead Division. He served as a wingman to Daryl Lorenz through most of their time together. As the eldest in the Division, Fisher serves as the backbone for much of the unit. He is also very driven and cares for his comrades, tirelessly flying to link up with the Zeon reinforcement in the Thunder Bolt Sector, which proved decisive to the victory for the Living Dead Division.


During the final battle between the Moore Brotherhood and the Living Dead Division, he retreats to rendezvous with Zeon reinforcements to rescue his comrades. After the war's end, Fisher went to Earth to become part of a Zeon Remnant army in the South Pacific.


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