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Figure-rise Standard Logo

Figure-rise Standard (FRS) (フィギュアライズ スタンダード Figyua Raisu Sutandādo?) is a line of plastic model kits of anime and tokusatsu characters and is part of Bandai's Figure-rise line. Aside from the Gundam franchise, the Figure-rise Standard line also includes characters from Dragon Ball, Active Raid: Kidō Kyōshūshitsu Daihachigakari, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, Naruto, Digimon Adventure, and Sword Art Online. This line also includes the sub-line Figure-rise Effect (FRE), which consists of effect parts to enhance FRS kits.

This article covers only the Gundam releases.

FRSBD # Model Series Yen Price Release Date Notes
Figure-Rise Standard-Diver Nami
Diver Nami Gundam Build Divers ¥2,400 2018 September First release from the Build Divers timeline. Includes three different face parts, optional brown hair parts, and clear red BA-0 display base.
Figure-Rise Standard-Diver Ayame
Diver Ayame Gundam Build Divers ¥2,400 March 2019 Features the option to build a standard figure or an upper body bust. Uses the A1 and A2 (x2) plate runners of FRSBD-016. Includes four different faces, black and purple BA-0 display base, Action Base adapter for the back, bust display stand, and water slide decal sheet for eyes.

FRS # Model Series Yen Price Release Date Notes
Figure-Rise Standard-Diver Ayame (Gundam Base Color) & Petit'gguy Set
Diver Ayame (Gundam Base Color) & Petit'gguy Set Gundam Build Divers ¥3,000 September 2019 The Gundam Base Tokyo exclusive twin pack containing color variant of FRSBD-028 and color variants of HGPG-14.

Yen price excluding 8% tax.

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite having extra upper body parts, FRSBD-028 lacks several vital joint parts to build a complete bust to display alongside the standard figure.

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