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Fierce Battle! Dragon Gundam vs. Bolt Gundam is the nineteenth episode of Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Domon and Rain are still training the Guyana Highlands. Rain is fixing the Shining Gundam while Domon continues his training. Schwarz Bruder is watching Domon's progress. Sai Saici appears, and pulls on Rain's skirt, revealing her underwear. Domon sees this, and loses his balance, with Schwarz musing he has not trained enough. Meanwhile, Sai Saici, who refuses to train, has ended up in the middle of the forest, hungry. He steals some food from the Neo Russia camp and sees Nastasha bathing in a pond. He watches, but is caught when he drops his spoon. He ends up on the edge of a cliff, turns back and bumps into Argo. Sai is then suddenly hit with memories of the Devil Gundam, and has a panic attack. He falls off the cliff and returns to the Neo Japan camp. Rain is chastising Sai while bandaging him. The Dragon Gundam then appears to attack the Neo Russia camp, forcing Argo to fight Sai Saici. After a tough fight, it is revealed the assailant was in fact an impostor, the Death Dragon, a Death Army copy of the Dragon Gundam. Sai and Argo, unable to fight back, are assisted by Domon and Schwarz. However the maintenance to the Shining Gundam was incomplete, and Domon struggles to control it. However with Schwarz's advice, he is able to focus and defeat the Death Dragon.



  • TV Asahi: 1994-08-26
  • Cartoon Network (Toonami): 2002-09-04
  • GundamInfo: 2021-12-10 21:15 JST [1]

Important Events

  • Mecha Introduced: Death Dragon

Featured Gundam Fights

Dragon Gundam vs. Bolt Gundam

  • Winner: Draw

Gundam Spiegel and Shining Gundam vs. Death Dragon

  • Winner: Shining Gundam and Gundam Spiegel