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Field Marshal Noventa(ノベンタ元帥) is a high-ranking official in the United Earth Sphere Alliance and advocate of pacifism.


When the Gundams begin their attack on OZ bases, Alliances officials convened at the New Edwards base. Marshal Noventa advocated demilitarization of the Alliance military and opening dialogue between the colonies, so as to end their futile oppression. However, General Septum argued that the Gundams were sent by the colonies to destroy the Alliance; Noventa reasoned that once they begin their plans, he is confident that the Gundams will understand their intentions. Just then, the Gundams attack the base, having been led up on false information from OZ that all the OZ leaders have gathered. Noventa insisted that they contact the pilots of the Gundams but Treize Khushrenada had the entire conference evacuated. But as Noventa's plane leaves, it is struck down by Heero Yuy/Wing Gundam, killing all Alliance advocates for peace. With their deaths, OZ immediately began to simultaneously turn on their Alliance cohorts, to further the Romefeller Foundation's plans.

Heero then sought out Noventa's daughter and wife, seeking to receive judgment for killing the Marshal.


  • His role is similar to that of General Revil from the Universal Century, as both were the highest ranking commanders of their respective Earth factions and would attempt to make peace with the space colonies.

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