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Feldt Grace (フェルト・グレイス Feruto Gureisu?) is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Feldt is one of Celestial Being's tactical operators for CBS-70 Ptolemaios. In Season 2, she returns as a tactical operator for CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 and later to CBS-742 Ptolemaios 2 Kai in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer.

Personality & Character

In Season 1, Feldt is one of Celestial Being's operators in the Ptolemy. However, despite her job, Feldt is an introverted, stoic, and anti-social girl. She's often quiet and doesn't say much unless she has to. She likes to talk to Lockon's Haro,[1][2] but it's unclear if it is due to her personal sense of comfort towards machines; throughout the series, she tends to enjoy nature and working with them. She also tends to keep her feelings to herself, but is not secretive about them either. She dyes her hair pink because she had a complex of being not born on Earth.[3] Unlike Christina Sierra, Feldt doesn't enjoy fashion nor as upbeat as her. This mix of behavior of Feldt caused Christina to worry and encourage Feldt to do more lively feminine activities.[1][4][5]

Despite being an introvert girl, Feldt is also a calm and brave young girl. She could stand up by herself in tough situations, a constant reminder of her wish to live her life according to her parent's will.[5][6] Her quiet yet strong disposition can sometimes surprise those around her, yet also inspires them to be strong for the sake of the girl fighting for her own battle despite her young age.[5][6]

Feldt (AD 2312)

In the final events of Season 1, Feldt's stoic expression starts to soften up, due to Christina Sierra's and Lockon Stratos' influence.[7] Feldt starts to feel comfortable sharing her feelings with others.[5] She also admires Lockon's kind and easy-going trait, as she started to develop feelings for him.[8] However, during the climax of Celestial Being's conflict with UN Forces, they were both killed in battle.[5][9] Losing two of the most important people in her life was hard for Feldt; she always viewed them as part of her family.[5][10] However, instead of wallowing to despair, she chose to focus on CB's cause and helped in rebuilding from the shadows until they returned 4 years later.[11]

By 2312 (Season 2), Feldt stayed as Celestial Being's tactical operator and was involved in many of their operations against the A-Laws. On board Ptolemy II, she acted as a mentor and an older sister to the younger Mileina Vashti. When Lyle Dylandy replaced the original Lockon Stratos, Feldt couldn't help feel attracted to Lyle because he looks exactly like Neil (identical twin brothers);[12] however, she got over it after Lyle tries to take advantage of her and was hurt knowing Neil would never treat her that way.[13] Evidently, she was still haunted by past tragedies and couldn't let things go.

Feldt still had resentment towards the people that contributed to the deaths of her friends and loved ones. When Marie (Soma Peries) came aboard Ptolemy II, Feldt couldn't help but feel a bit angry towards her even though she knew it's not the mature thing to do.[14] She eventually learned to forgive Marie and tried to befriend her in the Ptolemy II.[15]

Feldt eventually developed feelings for Setsuna F. Seiei.[16] Before the Battle in Lagrange 2, she personally went to Setsuna to give him a desert flower for good luck.[17] However, her feelings were unrequited, as the young man had other priorities in mind.[18] They remained in friendly ties, and flower became important to Setsuna during, and even after, his fight against the A-Laws and the Innovators (Group).[18][19] Feldt continues to be Celestial Being's tactical operator after the battle against A-Laws and Innovators.[18]

Skills & Abilities

She's a programmer, tactical operator, and engineer/mechanic on board the ship. As a multi-purposed agent of Celestial Being and crew member to the Ptolemy (Ptolemaios), she's been involved in all of their major operations. When the Gundam Meisters perform an intervention, it's her duty to actively monitor the Gundams' system performance as well as the Meisters'. She actively updates new tactical information and can remotely reprogram the Gundams. When not dealing with major combat operations, she researches critical information pertaining future objectives and help maintain systems within the Ptolemy.


Early Days

Krung Thep Crew, with infant Feldt (corner of left panel).

Feldt was born in 28 December 2293 A.D. to Marlene Vlady and Ruido Resonance. Feldt's past is an incomplete picture, but she was among the few people that grew up around Celestial Being. She was taken care of by the Krung Thep group, her parent's team. Feldt is just a false name given to her by her parents along with Chall Acustica's consultation, her real name is not known.[20]

Her parents were deeply involved in Celestial Being, as they were Second Generation Gundam Meisters. As Gundam Meisters, Ruido and Marlene test piloted the GNY-001 Gundam Astraea and the GNY-003 Gundam Abulhool respectively to help perfect the technology to make way for the Third Generation Gundams. In a very young age, Feldt was exposed to an unspecific amount of detail about the Gundams through her parents.

Feldt's parents died after GNY-004 Gundam Plutone's GN Drive overloaded during one of their missions and expelled a fatal amount of GN Particles, killing both of them; she was still young that time. Due to CB's rules of secrecy, Feldt was never informed how her parents died. However, she still commemorates their deaths and writes spiritual letters to them whenever she needs to express her feelings.

World Armed Intervention Campaign

Throughout the series, Feldt was involved in all of the Gundam Meister's interventions. She provided tactical support and coordination during their missions. She also was responsible in checking the Ptolemy's condition and if there were enemies nearby the ship.

Moralia & La Edenra

Moralia and AEU decided to form a joint military exercise to challenge Celestial Being and its Gundams. To prepare for the operation, Feldt went with Tactical Forecaster Sumeragi Lee Noriega and Operator Christina Sierra to Earth. While descending to the surface in the linear train, Feldt did a brief report on Moralia and its mercenary businesses.

Chris bothering the already asleep Feldt after shopping.

The day before the mission, Feldt was dragged by Christina to go shopping. Feldt was reluctant to go, as she hadn't examined the mission plan yet. After shopping the entire day, Feldt was too tired to prepare for the mission when they got back. The next day, Feldt was surprised to learn that the preparations had already been done; Christina had done the entire thing before their breakfast. Feldt, Sumeragi and Christina overlook the Gundam’s armed operation inside Wang Liu Mei's estate.

Not long after the operation in Moralia, a terrorist group, La Edenra, started a worldwide attack condemning Celestial Being's armed interventions. Feldt, Sumeragi and Christina were forced to wait on Celestial Being's uncharted island in the Pacific. While the Gundam Meisters took care of the terrorist’s hide-outs around the world, the trio decided to relax before their eventual return to space.

HRL Gundam Capture Operation

Lockon and Feldt

On the anniversary of her parent’s death, Feldt took a time to be alone while the Ptolemy was on a lax maintenance run. Feldt was crying in the observatory room when Lockon Stratos suddenly walked in. She quickly wiped her tears, but he could see she was upset. As Lockon gave her company, she talked about her parents and their involvement with Celestial Being. Lockon wondered if Feldt was feeling homesick, but she explained her parents had already died. Feeling sorry for her, Lockon pulled her head closer to his left shoulder to comfort her. He complimented Feldt as a strong girl for following her parent's footsteps. Suddenly, Lockon revealed his real name and his past history. Feldt wondered why Lockon would reveal so much, but he reasoned it wouldn't be fair if she was the only one to share her past. Feldt thought Lockon was very kind, but he responded he is only kind to women. Their moment was interrupted when Allelujah Haptism suddenly dropped in and misinterpreted the situation. Not long afterwards, the crew was alerted about the HRL’s scattered communication devices around the geosynchronous zone where the Ptolemy was resting. Before they went separate ways, Lockon told Feldt to live on.

Feldt telling the Ptolemy Crew that they will live on.

With the GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and GN-005 Gundam Virtue separated from the ship, and the GN-002 Gundam Dynames still in repairs, the HRL forces were able to get near the Ptolemy without much interference. During an enemy carrier's suicide attack, Christina panicked and forgot deploying the Ptolemy’s GN Field. As the Ptolemy Crew was thrown into disarray because of Christina's actions, Feldt shouted, "We will live on! We will all live on!". Christina and the crew were re-awakened into the battle by Feldt's words. The crew later found out that the HRL's target was the Gundams. The HRL eventually ordered a retreat, as they failed to capture Kyrios and Nadleeh (Gundam Meister Tieria Erde had purged Virtue’s armor). The Ptolemy later recovered the two suits.

Battle in Taklamakan Desert

Feldt looking at flowers with Haro

The crew, with exception of Allelujah and Ian, headed down to Earth to rest from the tiring environment of space. Most of them spent their time in Wang Liu Mei's estate, enjoying the gravity and the comfort of the sun. Feldt spent most of her time with Lockon's Haro, looking at flowers and identifying their names.

Later, the crew found out about the Union, AEU and HRL's plan to conduct a massive joint military exercise in the Taklamakan desert, a terrorist hotspot for being an enriched uranium dump site. With the place being threatened by an attack, Celestial Being had no choice but to make an armed intervention. Feldt and Christina took turns as the tactical operator for the mission. The operation lasted for hours, as the power blocs inevitably intervened during the mission and tried to capture the Gundams. The Gundam Meisters managed to return to their base in the Pacific, which made the crew glad for their safety. However, Feldt and the rest were surprise by the arrival of the new Gundams, which rescued the Gundam Meisters from the power blocs' grasp.

Conflict with Trinity

The Ptolemy Crew returned to space to meet with Team Trinity, Gundam Meisters who had appeared in Taklamakan. As the meeting with the new Gundam Meisters happened inside Ptolemy, Feldt observed the GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins that was resting outside and commented how her parents never worked on such kind of Gundam.

Feldt bringing up about the Throne's different GN Drives.

The meeting didn't answer any of the Ptolemy Crew's inquiry about the Team Trinity but technician Ian Vashti managed to take a look at the Throne Eins. Just as Feldt had surmised, the critical difference between their Gundams and the Thrones was the GN Drives, as the Gundam Thrones used pseudo GN Drives to power up.

Team Trinity's operations were of total annihilation, which were mostly attacks on military bases and arms factories. Eventually, Setsuna, Lockon and Tieria decided to fight against the Gundam Thrones. Feldt and the Ptolemy Crew were surprised but in some way supported it as they were disgusted by Team Trinity's actions.

Operation Fallen Angels

At the height of the Trinity's armed interventions, the power blocs (AEU, Union and Human Reform League) formed an alliance under the banner of United Nations, in hopes to eradicate Celestial Being once and for all. Feldt and the Ptolemy Crew were forced to standby in space in order to avoid detection and defend against a possible attack by the United Nations Forces.

UN Forces Counteroffensive

As the Gundam Meisters returned to the Ptolemy, Feldt reported that a group of 10 GN mobile suits belonging to the HRL had intercepted a Team Trinity attack on HRL Guangzhou Base. With this, The Ptolemy Crew was made aware that the traitor had given Celestial Being's GN Technology to the United Nations Forces.

Feldt giggling during her conversation with Christina and Sumeragi.

Later, Feldt and Christina were ordered to work on Stand-Alone Operation System for the crew and the Gundam Meisters to use during battles. While Feldt and Christina were working, Sumeragi dropped by the bridge to check on them and gave them refreshments. As Christina complained about her drink being an alcohol, Feldt let out a soft giggle. Sumeragi commented how Feldt was becoming more cheerful lately, which Christina cheered as a good thing. Feldt couldn't help but blush at their comments.

Not long afterwards, the Ptolemy was attacked by UN Forces' GNX-603T GN-Xs. During the battle, Feldt and Christina implemented the Stand-Alone Operation System in response to Veda shutting down the Gundams. Unexpectedly, Virtue rejected the Ptolemy's system, and a GN-X took the chance to attack it. At the last moment, Lockon shielded Virtue from the enemy's attack using Dynames, and its cockpit was damaged in the process. Fortunately, the timely arrival of the GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E forced the GN-Xs to retreat.

Feldt listening to Lockon and Tieria's conversation.

Not long after Lockon was rushed into medical bay, Feldt left her position and went out to look after him. While on her way, she saw Lockon already out of his room and heading out to meet Tieria. Feldt hid from behind to hear their conversation. Apparently, Lockon was asking Tieria to stop moping around. Tieria lost his motivation as a Gundam Meister because he had lost his ability to link with Veda. With that, Feldt realized the reason why Tieria wasn't accepting the system from earlier; he tried to directly link to Veda himself. In response, Lockon encouraged Tieria it would not be different from other Gundam Meisters; as long as they had the Gundams, they could continue Aeolia's Plan. After Lockon had left, Feldt commented to herself how kind Lockon is to anyone.

Stop the World

With Dynames' cockpit damaged from the last battle, the Ptolemy Crew decided to dock at one of their resource satellite in Lagrange 1. Feldt and the bridge crew just finished resupplying when they spotted the UN Forces' Virginia-class in the sector. Allelujah and Tieria were ordered to intercept while the Ptolemy escaped, but they were eventually overwhelmed by the enemy. As the situation worsen, Lockon sortied in the GN-002+GNR-001D GN Armor Type-D. Feldt and the Ptolemy's crew were worried about his condition, but he launched anyway to repel the enemy forces and attacked the enemy carrier ships.

Feldt mourning Lockon's Death

After the enemy had retreated, the Ptolemy retrieved the Gundams. Dynames also managed to return, but Haro's cries alerted the crew of Lockon's fate. Feldt quickly looked at her computer to check on Lockon and was shocked that he was gone. As she mourned his death, Haro and Christina stayed by her side to console her.

While on standby, the remaining Gundam Meisters decided to continue fighting the UN Forces. Feldt and the rest of Ptolemy Crew were informed to prepare for the next encounter. As the crew talked about the upcoming battle, Christina noticed Feldt was writing a letter. Feldt was relaxed now, and she seemed concentrated on what she was doing. Christina asked what the letter was about, and Feldt explained that it was a letter for her parents and Lockon. Lichtendahl Tsery jokingly interrupted them by saying that it's bad luck to write a will before a battle. Feldt snapped at him and said that she will live on, as she was apologizing to her parents and Lockon that she wouldn't be with them soon yet. With Feldt writing a letter to her parents, the rest of the crew were also reminded of their loved ones: Chris had a foster mother in a space colony; Lichty's parents died during Solar Wars. Lasse commented that it was the first time they talked about themselves to each other. Christina cheerfully responded that it was supposed to be confidential before, so they were quiet about it.

Feldt placing her letter to Lockon inside Dynames.

Sometime later, Feldt went to the wrecked Dynames to leave her letter to Lockon in the cockpit. As she arrived there, she met Setsuna, who was holding Lockon's Haro. She asked if Setsuna had someone to write a letter to, at which Setsuna answered that he didn't have anyone. Feldt thought of that as lonely, but Setsuna explained that it was Lockon who was lonely and asked Haro to keep him company. Feldt also asked Haro to look for Lockon and then thanked him. Suddenly, the alarms were triggered alerting the crew to battle. To their surprise a large golden mobile armor with 7 false GN Drives appeared with the 12 GN-Xs; it was the GNMA-XCVII Alvatore.

Last Stand

Feldt went to her position as the Gundams launched to intercept the UN Forces. The Alvatore immediately launched a preemptive strike, hitting the Ptolemy's first particle compression chamber. Its second attack destroyed Ptolemy's star-board, crippling the ship from moving anywhere.

After Sumeragi had left to help defend the ship, Christina reported an anomaly with Dynames' GN Drive and immediately asked Feldt to check on it. Feldt was reluctant to go, but she went anyway because of the urgency of the situation. Little did she know that Christina lied to get her to safety. As Feldt reached the Assault Container carrying Dynames, an incoming GN-X made its way to the Ptolemy and shot the bridge of the ship. Feldt with Sumeragi and Ian, who were also in the container, were shocked as Lichty and Christina were still in the bridge. After destroying the perpetrator, Sumeragi repeatedly called out to Christina and Lichty to check on their safety. Not long, Christina responded their call but it was too late.

Feldt crying over the loss of Christina.

Lichty was already dead, and Christina sustained damage from the blast. During her final moments, Christina called out to Feldt,

Feldt, are you there? I'd like you to try harder to be fashionable okay?... Live on, for Lockon's sake too, okay? Please change this world... Please...

At that point the bridge exploded, vaporizing both Lichtendahl and Christina. Feldt cried out Christina's name in anguish.

Despite the heavy loss, Feldt continued to monitor the situation of the battle until the end. With the loss of the Ptolemy and the Gundams, Celestial Being was defeated by the UN Forces in the Battle in Lagrange 1.


After the battle, Feldt and the surviving Ptolemy Crew returned to one of their resource satellites to salvage their losses and reconnoiter their situation. With the world uniting in peace, Celestial Being was no longer needed and thus interventions were no longer necessary. Feldt and the surviving crew focused on rebuilding by developing new support crafts and Gundams when conflict returns. Feldt had since been transferred to the CB engineering team developing GN-0000 00 Gundam and CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2 in one of their resource satellites.

Celestial Being Returns

The year is now 2312 A.D. (4 years later). The authoritarian Earth Sphere Federation (AEU, Union, and HRL united as a single entity) has begun an aggressive and brutal campaign of unification through their autonomous military force, A-Laws. Feldt and the rest of Celestial Being quietly prepared for their return.

Setsuna's Return

Feldt showing relief about Setsuna being alive 4 years later.

Feldt had been assisting Ian in his Twin Drive System test runs on GN-0000 00 Gundam with little success. With all possible GN Drive combinations attempted upon 00, Exia's GN Drive was the last one untested.

Three months later since the last GN Drive combination test, intelligence from Wang Liu Mei notified the Ptolemy Crew about the A-Laws' operation in the space colony Proud. The crew decided to embark with their new mothership, CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2, in hope to bump into Setsuna, who would likely to investigate A-Laws in the sector. Tieria with his new Gundam GN-008 Seravee Gundam sortied and later notified the crew that he had found Setsuna. Feldt was relieved to know that Setsuna had survived all this time.

Setsuna returned to Celestial Being, bringing with him the battered Gundam Exia. With Exia's GN Drive retrieved, Feldt and the Ptolemy Crew later managed to activate the 00 Gundam in preparation against the A-Laws. Setsuna also took the job of finding Sumeragi Lee Noriega and Lockon's replacement, Lyle Dylandy. The crew were surprised by Lyle's close resemblance to the first Lockon Stratos; apparently they were twin brothers. Among the crew, Feldt were the most surprised, as she remembered her feelings for Neil when she saw Lyle.

Rescue Allelujah Haptism

Feldt offering Sumeragi a Celestial Being uniform.

As the Ptolemy Crew was performing maintenance to Ptolemy II, Feldt received an encrypted message from Wang Liu Mei containing the location of Allelujah Haptism, a former Gundam Meister who was captured by the UN Forces 4 years ago. The rest of the crew were immediately called to plan for a rescue operation. Feldt and the crew asked Sumeragi for assistance, in which she reluctantly agreed to provide.

During preparations, Feldt received further info about the detainees in the facility where Allelujah was in; she noticed Azadistan princess Marina Ismail's name on the list. Following Sumeragi's mission plan, the Ptolemy II descended to Earth and the team retrieved Allelujah and Marina within the time limit.

Anti A-Laws Campaign

After gathering the 4 Gundam Meisters back to Celestial Being, the Ptolemy Crew decided to pursue their plans of opposing A-Laws and ending their oppressive operations around the world. Since the Ptolemy II was more active in the battlefield, Feldt was involved in most of the Gundams' operations. Just like 4–5 years ago, she still checked through the Ptolemy and the Gundam's condition, together with the battle information about the enemy forces and mobile suits.

Underwater Attack

Lockon (Lyle) kissing Feldt.

By Marina Ismail's request, the Ptolemy Crew decided to head towards the Kingdom of Azadistan. While on the way, Feldt continued to observe the new Gundam Meister, Lyle Dylandy. Feldt knew Lyle was not Neil, but she couldn't help but compare the two of them. Lyle eventually noticed Feldt watching him during his battle stimulation test and had decided to approach her. He asked her why she kept on looking at him, which Haro responded that Feldt liked Lockon - to Feldt's embarrassment. As she tried to explain, Lyle approached her and kissed her, saying that he would be willing to wait for her in his room. Feldt, feeling that she was being taken advantage of, slapped Lyle and tearfully ran away.

While heading underwater into Strait of Hormuz, the Ptolemy II was hit by missiles coming from the A-Laws' new mobile armor, GNMA-04B11 Trilobite. Unable to launch the Gundams and restrained by the enemy's chemical bombs, Feldt and the crew started to panic when the Trilobite started attacking in proximity. It was then when Sumeragi Lee Noriega took command and told them not to panic. After reaching the appropriate depth to launch the Gundams, the Ptolemy Crew retaliated and counterattacked against the A-Laws. However, the battle was halted with the appearance of Katharon on the scene.

Katharon Massacre

Feldt briefing Ian and Lasse about Sumeragi's condition.

Feldt and the bridge crew stayed and carried out maintenance as Sumeragi and the rest went out to meet Katharon in their base in Rub' al Khali Desert. Later after the meeting, Feldt received a message from Wang Liu Mei that the A-Laws attacked Katharon's base. The Ptolemy II quickly came to Katharon's rescue, but the A-Laws had already tore the base open and immediately withdrew at the sight of the Gundams. Seeing the aftermath of the massacre, Feldt accompanied Mileina Vashti out of the bridge to shield her from the horrible sight. Sumeragi was also overwhelmed by the casualties and fainted; Feldt was put in-charge of checking on her in the medical bay.

With the Katharon base destroyed, the crew decided to protect Katharon until they have relocated to their new hideout. The Ptolemy Crew was slowly overwhelmed by the enemy during the battle, but because Sumeragi woke up in time to order smoke diversions, the A-Laws was eventually forced to retreat.

Meeting Soma Peries

After previous battle, Feldt couldn't locate GN-007 Arios Gundam reported to everyone over the comm that Allelujah was missing. Sumeragi, who just came from the infirmary, quickly ordered the Ptolemy Crew to search for Arios and check its last possible point of combat. Feldt along with Mileina quickly went to work on their orders. After a day's worth of searching, Lockon reported back to Mileina that he found Allelujah and Arios. Feldt happily relayed the message over the comm for the whole crew to know. Mileina also spotted that Allelujah seems to be with a girlfriend, which caused the crew to react with shock and surprise. Feldt couldn't help but blushed about the information.

Allelujah and Marie meeting with Feldt

Allelujah brought Marie Parfacy with him to the Ptolemy II. Allelujah was giving Marie a tour of Ptolemy when they bumped into Feldt. Allelujah wanted to introduce Marie and Feldt to each other, but Feldt wasn't too happy to meet Marie. She identified Marie as Soma Peries, the soldier who took part in the UN Forces' Operation Fallen Angels 4 years ago. During the fighting, Feldt lost most of her friends, including Christina Sierra and Neil Dylandy. Allelujah tried to explain about Marie's situation at that time, but Feldt interjected that, even despite the fact, she couldn't go on if she did not say something. Feldt then ran off to the nearest elevator and broke down in tears on the elevator floor.

Allelujah later found Feldt alone in one of the observation rooms. He apologized for Marie, which Feldt replied, "I'm horrible aren't I? I always intend to stay strong but I let myself be spoiled by how kind everyone is." Allelujah smiled and told her that everything is alright as they are a family afterall. After clearing her head, she decided to reconcile with Marie.

Feldt headed to Marie's quarters to talk, which surprised Marie. Feldt apologized about her behaviour earlier and Marie accepted her apology. Marie added that Feldt seems to treasure her fellow crew members, which Feldt replied that was because they were her family.

Lagrange 3 & Memento Mori

After the mission at the Federation Banquet, the Ptolemy Crew decided to return to Lagrange 3 to get new supplies and to escape a possible entrapment by the A-Laws. Feldt and Mileina were responsible for overseeing the ship's launching sequence and the operation. In the end, the Ptolemy II managed to break through the A-Laws’ net by using the combined strengths of the Gundams. As the group continued on their way, Feldt received a message from Kati Mannequin of the A-Laws addressed to Leesa Kujo of Celestial Being.

Ptolemy Crew meeting after the Memento Mori firing

Despite a brief enemy interception, Feldt and the crew reached the satellite base in Lagrange 3 safely and immediately worked on some maintenance and tests. Later, Feldt detected and informed the rest of the Ptolemy Crew of a high energy attack on the Middle East country Suille. It was during the briefing that Feldt and the crew then learned from Tieria the existence of the Innovators and their plans. Feldt pieced together that it was the Innovator's machination that led to Lockon's and Christina's demise 4 years ago.

The A-Laws later attacked during the Ptolemy II's resupply, and Feldt and the crew were forced to launch and divert enemy attention while the satellite personnel evacuate. The Ptolemy II successfully drove out the A-Laws through the help of GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser and later learned the safe evacuation of their comrades. Feldt congratulated Mileina, whose mother was among who were safe.

Upon arriving at Memento Mori, Feldt and Mileina were assigned to analyze gathered data about the satellite weapon. With the help of full schematics from Wang Liu Mei, the Ptolemy Crew was able to devise a mission plan and ultimately destroyed Memento Mori. Shortly after their victory, however, the Innovators launched an attack on them. With no particles left to retaliate, the Ptolemy Crew were forced to an emergency re-entry back to Earth. The Ptolemy II lost contact with Setsuna and 00 Raiser.

Break Pillar Incident

The emergency landing took the Ptolemy II to some mountainous region in Europe. Feldt and the crew explained to mechanic Ian Vashti, who just got back from regenerative treatment, that despite their efforts, Ptolemy II's navigation, weapons control, communications and sensor system were left badly damaged. While still on optical camouflage, the Innovators later detected the ship through Anew Returner. With the urgency for repairs, Feldt and the crew decided to meet with Katharon to get resupplied.

Feldt reporting about the incoming A-Laws force.

After resupply and repairs, Celestial Being went for the nearest coast to escape the Federation's territory. On the way however, Feldt reported an approaching A-Laws forces. The Gundams were launched to cover Ptolemy II's escape, but they were no match against the enemy's numbers and new units. Surprisingly, the A-Laws suddenly pulled out in the middle of attacking the Ptolemy II. Feldt and the crew were left confused but later learned of the coup d'état at the Africa Tower. Due to the uncertainties, they decided to head to the site and observe the situation. On the way, they were reunited with Setsuna and 00 Raiser.

At the Africa Tower, Feldt and the crew learned about the existence of the second Memento Mori. Setsuna in 00 Raiser attempted to destroy it, but failed to prevent it from firing at the pillar. Feldt reported that the impact resulted to an auto-purge of the pillar's exterior walls. Celestial Being was fast to respond and sent urgent messages to all mobile suits to help them clear off the falling pieces and protect the civilians on the ground.

Destroying the second Memento Mori

Four months later, the Celestial Being destroyed the second Memento Mori. It was also at this time that the A-Laws gained full control of ESF Forces. As the ESF President made the proclamation on the news, Feldt expressed her concern as A-Laws had attacked them 20 times in the past four months. With the situation getting worse, the crew decided to proceed with their plan of retaking Veda from the Innovators.

Innovator Capture Operation

Just after Celestial Being's return, Feldt alerted the crew about an approaching A-Laws force. Mileina thoughtlessly told the crew to just do the usual response, which she got scolded for by Feldt. During sortie, Lockon professed his love to Anew Returner over the comm; Feldt happily congratulated Anew on the announcement. In the battle, 00 Raiser's massive GN Particle discharge created a field of shared consciousness. When two enemy mobile suits near the Ptolemy II were about to be shot down, Feldt was surprised to hear Setsuna and Saji telepathically telling the crew to hold off firing. Celestial Being later captured A-Laws Captain Revive Revival, an Innovator, and proceeded to interrogate him about Veda after the battle.

Feldt calling to Sumeragi about Anew.

While on lax duty, Feldt and Mileina caught on to a sudden commotion in the bridge. Anew surprisingly pointed a gun at Lasse and declared herself an Innovator. After shooting Lasse, she took Mileina hostage and left. Feldt tended to Lasse and called Sumeragi about what had happened. Soon afterwards, the main power system of the ship shut down. Feldt quickly performed system checks and repairs under emergency power. Ptolemy's combat and navigation systems were severely damaged by the Innovator's attack. Feldt eventually managed to remove the virus, but 3456 packets of data were erased. Feldt had also confirmed that some data were stolen. While Feldt was fixing the Ptolemy II's system, the Innovators attempted a follow-up attack but was ultimately thwarted by Setsuna in 00 Raiser.

Message from Lagrange 5

After restoring Ptolemy II's main power and system, Feldt noticed an encoded message that had come from the abandoned colony of Eclipse in Lagrange 5. Despite their suspicions, the Ptolemy Crew decided to go to also meet with Celestial Being personnel in the sector. Setsuna and Saji in 00 Raiser went to Eclipse and returned days later with an important piece of information from Wang Liu Mei; the location of Veda. Feldt decoded the info and found that Veda was located at the dark side of the moon, Lagrange 2. The visual image of the sector showed nothing, but the discrepancies of star alignment showed a hidden object with a diameter of 15 km - to the surprise of the whole crew.

After joining with the CB Lab transport in Lagrange 5, the Ptolemy Crew noticed a fleet of A-Laws forces gathering around the point where Wang Liu Mei had suggested. With their thoughts and desires for the future, Setsuna told the crew that they would change in able to reach the future that they desire. Feldt was moved by Setsuna's sentiments. With that, the Ptolemy Crew decided to break through the A-Laws and recover Veda.

During break, Feldt had a chance to meet with Linda Vashti. Linda gave Feldt a yellow flower that she grew in the lab. She explained that when she saw the flower, she immediately thought of giving it to Feldt.

Feldt showing the yellow flower to Setsuna.

Linda went further that the flower naturally blooms in the Middle East. After hearing that, Feldt got reminded of Setsuna and started to blush.[21] Linda seemed to already know about the root of Feldt's reaction. As she saw Linda smile at her, Feldt couldn't find a word to express her feelings.[22] She later decided to give the flower to Setsuna as a charm of good luck.

As they reached their destination, Feldt left the bridge for a while and met with Setsuna on his way to the MS hanger. She gave him the yellow flower, which he appreciatively accepted. Feldt wondered if Marina will get mad, which Setsuna replied that they do not have that kind of relationship. Feldt felt a bit sad for Marina about Setsuna's answer, but she also thought that Setsuna and Marina might have a connection that could have surpassed even that of between a man and a woman.[23] As Setsuna left to prepare, Feldt told him to don't die, which he affirmed in reply.

Battle at Lagrange 2

Celestial Being proceeded to Lagrange 2 to break through the A-Laws fleet. Early on, Feldt recognized the deployment of anti-field from the A-Laws' sunk decoy ships, which gave the A-Laws an early upper-hand by weakening the Gundams' particle beams. An Ahead attempted to blast the Ptolemy II's bridge with NGN missiles, but Katharon got in time to avert it and help Celestial Being. At the arrival of ESF Coup d'état Faction to Celestial Being's side, a large high energy blast was indiscriminately fired into the battlefield. At the aftermath, Feldt reported the damages from both sides and noticed the A-Laws' retreat due to insufferable losses. From the source of the blast, the Innovators then unveiled their mothership, Celestial Being; Celestial Being proceeded to their main objective of retaking Veda.

Feldt during the battle on Celestial Being

Feldt searched for the infiltration point as Celestial Being forced their way through. The Innovators attempted another high energy attack, but the Ptolemy II dodged in time. After the Gundams had taken out half of the enemy gun turrets, hundreds of enemy suicide units GNZ-004 Gaga were sent out. Fortunately the ESF faction and Katharon from behind showed support by defending the Ptolemy II. The bought time gave Feldt an opportunity to ensure an infiltration point into the enemy mothership. Upon touchdown, Feldt then hacked into Celestial Being's system and obtained direction to Veda's chamber for the Gundam Meisters. As the rest of the crew defended Ptolemy II during the remainder of the fighting, Feldt and Mileina continued to operate in the bridge and provide support for the team.

Later, Tieria Erde managed to retake Veda and initiated Seraphim Gundam's Trial System to disable all of the enemy mobile units. Feldt expressed relieve that the fighting was finally over. However, not long after that, Seraphim was shot down by an unknown unit. Feldt checked that the mobile suit in question was not connected to Veda's back-up and had begun fighting the 00 Raiser. The Ptolemy II and the Gundams launched to support Setsuna. On the site, Ptolemy II provided cover fire, but it was easily disabled by the CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam. As a last support, the Ptolemy II launched the GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II after 00 Raiser's destruction, and with it, Setsuna was able to ultimately defeat the Innovator's leader, Ribbons Almark.

Peacetime & Continuing Mission

With A-Laws and Innovators defeated, peace had returned throughout the solar system, as a reformed Federation disbands the A-Laws and return the sovereignty to the nations they subjugated. Feldt, along with the Ptolemy Crew, returned to Earth after their last battle. During their time there, they spent a little vacation on their own. Feldt spent her time with the Vashti family.[24]

The remaining Ptolemy Crew later set course to space. On board Ptolemy II, Setsuna told the crew, "Let's go. We still have work to do." Feldt agreed, "We have to look after the world everyone gave their lives to change." The crew quietly agreed and continued their way to space using Trans-Am.

Two Years Later

In the year 2314 A.D., two years have passed since the defeat of the Innovators (Group). The new Earth Sphere Federation is on the path of reforming its policies all over the world. Celestial Being, on the other hand, continued to perform its operations, supporting the ESF from the shadows. Feldt stayed in the organization as the Ptolemaios' tactical operator. She continues to hold on to the wishes of her parents, Lockon (Neil), and Christina, and live for their sake. She also looks over Setsuna F. Seiei, as she tries to reach out to the young man. However, Setsuna never seemed to recognize her feelings, despite being an Innovator himself.

Colony Public Corporation

Feldt welcoming Lockon and Setsuna

Celestial Being sent Setsuna and Lockon to intervene in a possible assassination attempt on the Middle Eastern representatives, Marina Ismail and Shirin Bakhtiar, during their visit at Colony Public Corporation. After the successful operation, Feldt greeted the two Meisters with drinks at MS Hanger 1. Lockon accepted the offer and complimented Feldt for being considerate. Feldt asked Setsuna how the mission went, and in a business-like manner, Setsuna replied that it went smoothly and quickly left without accepting Feldt's refreshment. As Lockon saw how worried Feldt was about Setsuna, he commented how impossibly dense Setsuna could be at times.

ELS Conflict

While Setsuna F. Seiei reported about the previous operation to Sumeragi on the bridge, Feldt noted the crew about Veda's report on the Federation's removal operation of the exploration probe, Europa, approaching Earth from Jupiter. Setsuna showed concerns about the details of the ship, which caused surprise reactions from the crew. Feldt assured she would report to him any additional details that comes.

The Federation successfully destroyed the Europa, but the debris of the ship mysteriously managed to reach the Earth's surface. Feldt received a report from Veda about the incidents being attributed to the fragments from the destroyed Europa. Celestial Being quickly moved out to get a hold of their comrades on Earth who were in potential danger.

Feldt confronting Setsuna if he's okay

After retrieving Allelujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy from the surface, Feldt noticed Setsuna's anxiety and asked about what he's feeling. Setsuna didn't share much, causing Feldt to worry. Sumeragi discerned Feldt's concern and later talked to her about it. Feldt opened up that she's scared that Setsuna might have reverted to the way he was before when they first met him; to a person who keeps things to himself. Sumeragi tried to assure Feldt that it's just because Setsuna was unfamiliar with his new found powers, and encouraged Feldt to keep thinking of Setsuna so her feelings would eventually reach him.

The Second Europa

The team gathered to conference to talk about the Ribbons Almark that Setsuna had met while getting hold of Saji Crossroad and Louise Halevy on Earth. Feldt reported that the person was actually a Ribbons-type Innovade that had been involved in the development of GN Drives 130 years ago. It was concluded that the extraterrestrials had taken in the remains of the Innovade and had sent it to Earth together with the Europa debris.

Feldt and the Ptolemy Crew while listening to the report about the approaching Europa

Veda had reported the same incidents on Earth and had not fully understand the purpose of the alien organisms for doing so. Just then, the ship Europa appeared again, approaching the Ptolemy II. On the side, Feldt couldn't help but notice about Setsuna's growing concern. The Gundams were launched to intercept the ship.

On the site, several metal units were found together with the second Europa and the Gundams were occupied dealing with their large numbers. During the battle, Setsuna also removed himself from the group to avoid the enemy, which caused further concern to Feldt. Fortunately, Tieria Erde arrived in CB-002 Raphael Gundam and assisted them. He destroyed the Europa and the remaining of the Gundams destroyed its remaining debris.

In the Ptolemy, Tieria revealed about what he knew about the extraterrestrials, also known as ELS. With the ELS's sentience, the crew was surprised that the dialogues that Aeolia Schenberg had foreseen centuries ago was already happening in the present. Feldt asked about Setsuna's opinion about the matter, but Setsuna couldn't give an answer and left the conference.

ELS Encounter on Mars

Later, the Ptolemy Crew learned about the appearance of a huge ELS fleet at Jupiter. Setsuna rushed in to the bridge to ask Feldt about the remaining time they had before the ELS reach Earth. Feldt reported that it would take around 95 days and with that Setsuna asked for the ship to launch and intercept the ELS.

On the way, Feldt and the crew learned that the Federation forces were engaging against the ELS. When the Gundams reached the location, the whole fleet was already wiped out, leaving them to face the ELS by themselves. During the battle, Setsuna activated the 00 Raiser's Trans-Am Burst System to communicate with the extraterrestrials, but he failed and the 00 Raiser was assimilated by the ELS. The Gundams immediately acted to retrieve him. They managed to get Setsuna and return to the Ptolemaios thanks to Tieria's sacrifice and the assistance of the Federation's Solbraves squadron. After the Ptolemaios got to a safe location, Feldt went ahead to look after Setsuna's condition.

Feldt shocked to see Setsuna's condition after the battle on Mars

Setsuna damaged his brain during his attempt to communicate with the ELS. As a result, he was bed-ridden and the medical machines were working to repair his damaged brain cells. Outside the room, Feldt waited and watched over Setsuna through the glass window. While she was there, the Solbrave's Captain, Graham Aker, dropped by and told her how Setsuna was fighting to clear a path for humanity's future. With the ELS planetoid heading to Earth within days, the Ptolemaios started to prepare for their final mission and commence dialogues with the ELS.

Battle at the Absolute Defense Line

Feldt tearfully holding Setsuna's hand

While the Ptolemaios and the Gundams were engaged in battle against the ELS in Lagrange 2, Feldt was at the medical room looking out for Setsuna. After seeing that Setsuna was wriggling in pain, Feldt began to worry and eventually decided to enter the room to stay by his side. She released Setsuna's hand retrains and held his right hand in prayer. Tears eventually started to fall from her eyes as she saw that he continued to feel hurt. When Setsuna eventually calmed down and finally woke up, Feldt expressed relief and hugged him.

Feldt returned to her position in the Ptolemy bridge as Setsuna began to prepare to sortie in GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]​. Lasse tried to reassure her that she could stay by Setsuna's side, but Feldt told them that there was no need. She said,

It's so big. His love is too big. I care for that man, and that's good enough for me.

Feldt prepared the 00 Qan[T] for launching. As Setsuna's face appeared on her screen in acknowledgment, Feldt sent a smile to him.

The Ptolemy II and the Gundams continued to fight despite the ELS's overwhelming advantage. Feldt monitored the 00 Qan[T]'s condition and the battlefield's situation. When the 00 Qan[T] reached inside the ELS planetoid, the ELS already assimilated 44% of the Ptolemy II and compromised the ship's GN Field emitters. Sumeragi announced that the crew evacuate the ship, but they protested against it. Feldt, herself, said that she wouldn't leave them just like how she had abandoned Christina Sierra and expressed her belief that they would all make it out together.

ELS forming a yellow flower in space as a sign of peace

Ian, Linda and the rest of the Gundam Meisters agreed with Feldt and the crew's sentiments. With their precarious situation, the crew rested their hopes on Setsuna and his dialogues with the ELS.

Setsuna eventually reached the center of the ELS planetoid and commence dialogues with the ELS. The planetoid then formed a yellow flower in space, to the surprise of the crew, especially Feldt. It signified the success of the dialogues and the end of hostilities.


Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being Being born in the organization, most of Feldt's family and friends are in Celestial Being. She acted as the tactical operator for the organization.

Ruido Resonance and Marlene Vlady
Ruido and Marlene are Feldt's parents, and were Celestial Being's Second Generation Gundam Meisters. They were mostly involved in the development of Third Generation Gundams. As their only daughter, they loved Feldt and tried to make time to spend it with her. They were killled during the Plutone Incident. Feldt still commemorates them and writes letters to them whenever she needs to express her feelings.
Haro is one of Feldt's closest friend in the Ptolemy.
Crew of the Ptolemaios
Christina Sierra
Christina was Feldt's best friend in the Ptolemy. She also acted as Feldt's older sister, always worrying about Feldt and her fashion sense. During the Operation Fallen Angels, Christina was killed in battle. Feldt continues to fight in Celestial Being for the sake of Christina's memory.
Mileina Vashti
Mileina is the youngest crew in Ptolemy II. Feldt looks out for her and acts as her older sister on board the Ptolemy II.
Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Feldt looks up to Sumeragi as the Ptolemy's one and only tactical strategist. During their return in Season 2, Feldt was the one who held out Celestial Being's uniform to Sumeragi to make her rejoin the crew.
Linda Vashti
Linda is Mileina's mother. She is a close friend of Feldt and the one who provided her the yellow flower, which Feldt gave to Setsuna before the Battle in Lagrange 2.
Anew Returner
Anew was a new member of Celestial Being recommended by Wang Liu Mei. Though they don't interact much, she seemed to be close to Feldt; Feldt even cheered for her when Lockon (Lyle) announced his feelings for Anew. During Anew's awakening as an Innovator, she didn't shoot Feldt, which according to the novels, is because of Anew's unconscious view of not harming people of the same sex as hers.[25]
Gundam Meisters
Setsuna F. Seiei
Feldt and Setsuna did not interact much prior to Lockon's passing. However, they did share a moment while standing at the cockpit of Lockon's Gundam Dynames after his death. At the beginning of Season 2, Feldt is shown to be relieved and glad that Setsuna is alive. Later, at some point during the season, Feldt has apparently developed feelings for Setsuna. While going towards Lagrange 2, Feldt gives Setsuna a flower as a good luck charm. Feldt then begs him not to die, which he promises to do.
In A wakening Of The Trailblazer, Feldt's feelings for Setsuna have surprisingly grown. Taking Sumeragi Lee Noriega's advice, Feldt shows that she really cares for him. Setsuna whole-heartedly accepted her feelings for him. However he was not able to return her feelings because he decided to face the ELS for humanity’s future. When Setsuna decided went back into battle, Feldt lets him go; she decided that Setsuna's love is too big for one person, and the fact that she cares for him is good enough for her.
Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)
Lockon was the unofficial leader of the Gundam Meisters. During Feldt's commemoration on the deaths of her parents, Lockon joined in with her to comfort her. Since then, the two became close, and Feldt eventually developed feelings for him because of his kind personality. During the UN Forces' operation to defeat Celestial Being, Lockon was killed in combat. Feldt broke down to tears because of his death. After that, Feldt stayed in Celestial Being to help continue what Lockon was fighting for during the time when he was alive.
Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy)
Lyle Dylandy continues his older brother's legacy as Lockon Stratos. During his introduction to the team, Feldt was surprised about Lyle's close resemblance to Neil. Due to this, Feldt remembered Neil through Lyle, and felt attracted to him. Feldt eventually got over with him after learning more of his personality, which is different from Neil's.

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Notes & Trivia

  • In episode 22 of Season 1, Feldt eavesdropped on the conversation between Tieria and Lockon and felt happy that Lockon was nice towards everyone. In the novelization, despite feeling the same as in the anime, it was noted that she also felt jealousy. However, she wasn't quite aware of it, as she couldn't differentiate between love and affection at that time.[26]
  • In Gundam 00 Special Edition 3, Feldt was worried after all the Gundams and their pilots were retrieved except Setsuna and Exia, until Tieria/Veda confirmed the coordinates of Exia after it was heavily damaged after the battle with Ribbons Almark. This readily made her happy to the point of crying.[27]
  • Aside from having the same hair color, Feldt and Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED share the same English voice actress Chantal Strand.
  • Feldt's English voice actress Chantal Strand also voiced Ruri Sarasa from Tokyo Underground. Feldt and Setsuna's English voice actors Chantal Strand and Brad Swaile play a romantic relationship role with Ruri Sarasa and Rumina Asagi in Tokyo Underground.

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