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The Federation Survey Service (FSS) is an auxiliary organization of the Earth Federation government responsible for documenting wartime records. It first appeared in the MSV-R: The Return of Johnny Ridden manga.


The origin of the organization later known as the Federation Survey Service dates back to the end of Operation Odessa in November, U.C. 0079, which resulted in a massive quantity of Zeon weapons and equipment being abandoned on Earth as Zeon forces retreat to space.

At the time, the recovery and investigation of these weapons was done by the headquarters of each theater. However, due to the territorial mindset of some commanding officers, reports to the supreme headquarters were sometimes intentionally negligent.

In U.C. 0080, with the war over, the Federation established the Weapons Investigation Committee to systematically survey former Zeon weapons to aid in the acquisition of Zeon's advanced technology. This committee eventually evolved into the FSS.

The first chairman of FSS was Captain Oxner Cliff, an aide to General Revil during the war. Putting his talents to use, Cliff uncovered field modification variants, or Mobile Suit Variations, of many Federation and Zeon mobile suits from the Republic of Zeon and the Federation headquarters of each sector.

In U.C. 0082, having decided that the area of investgation is much greater than he thought, Cliff requested the expansion of the organization, which was granted by the Federation headquarters.

Two years later, the FSS published the culmination of its work, Action Graphic, which contributed to the study of MSV from both Federation and Zeon. In the same year, the "Second FSS" began, and the organization expanded even further, with increased funding and authorities. Its area of investigation also expanded to war history.

Later, the FSS began a personnel exchange program with the Republic of Zeon, and was also granted them access to the Republic's archives. In U.C. 0089, the Second FSS announced the MSV-R program as its main focus.

The organization is headquartered in the FSS building in Dakar.



The following is FSS organization as of October 28th, U.C. 0089.

Administrative: The administrative arm of the organization consists of the representative (Jill Brocken Hoover), the audit department made up of ten auditors, the financial department, and the investigation planning department

Investigation: The FSS has sixteen investigation teams, each team consists of four members.

Data management: Responsible for documentation and managing archives.

Security: Responsible for the protection of the FSS building.

Public relations: Responsible for public relations works and the development and sale of software.

General affairs: Responsible for miscellaneous affairs and procedures.


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