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The Feather Dragon (フェザードラゴン) also known as Fenn  is one of the Sacred Beasts of Lacroa in SD Gundam Force.


One of the Sacred Beasts of Lacroa, Fenn was protected by the three wise men Noa, Coa & Doa as they hid from the Dark Axis forces occupying Lacroa. The magic contained in the spirit egg holding Fenn was powerful enough to keep its trio of guardians from becoming petrified like the other human and organic residents of Lacroa. After defeating Tallgeese, the three wise men believed that Zero might indeed be the one that prophet's said would be the hero of Lacroa. The trio hand over the spirit egg to Zero as they send him back to Neotopia, its magical protection gone they joined their fellow sorcerers in being petrified.

After arriving in Neotopia, the spirit egg containing Fenn soon hatched, with the small whiteish-blue flying fluff ball sprouting forth. Very short tempered he often takes to attacking others with fiery breath, reaffirming the fact that he is indeed a dragon. Unsure what to name the sacred beast at first, GunEagle suggested that they should name him after the one word that it seemed to say over and over again, "Fenn".

Fenn's small stature soon changed, as he grew under the care of Zero and the others, becoming giant in size. It was then that Tallgeese reappears in an effort to take Fenn for his own to add to his power. As Zero and the others come under threat by Tallgeese, in his merged state with the sacred beast Griffin, Fenn transforms into his true form, the Feathered Dragon. Transforming into one of the two second-most powerful Sacred Beasts of Lacroa, the most powerful being the Superior Dragon. While in this form, Fenn is able to merge with Zero, transforming Zero's armor and weapons, as well as increasing his power, turning him into Zero Custom, the Knight of Silver Wings.

While Fenn sacrifices himself in his first battle to save Zero, he returns to his friend while the Gundamusai travels the Minov Sea and again to help him fight against General Zeong.


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