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The FSWS Plan  (aka Full-Armour System And Weapon System or Federal Suit Weapon System) was a military program designed by the Earth Federation Forces. It was first featured in the original design series Mobile Suit Variations.


Started by the Earth Federation Forces late in the One Year War, the FSWS Plan was meant to further increase the combat capabilities of the RX-78 series with additional weapons, and called for the creation of add-on weapon systems for each existing RX-78 series unit, with the ultimate goal of creating a special unit composed entirely of Newtype pilots.[1]

The plan centered around increasing the Gundam's attack and defense by adding more weapons for firepower and armor for better protection. The FSWS was tested on several prototype Gundams to collect data for further improvement. It also lead to the development of support vehicles such as Burstliner and Guncarry. However, the war ended in victory for the Earth Federation before the FSWS Plan could make much of an impact. Despite this, similar "Full Armor" equipment continued to be developed by the Earth Federation Forces and other organizations for other mobile suits through out the years.

Mobile Suits

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