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FF-XII Core Fighter II

Core fgr II

Veh corefighter b

Unit Type

Aerial Core Block System Support Craft




Model Number
  • FF-XII
First Seen
Last Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Overall Height
  • 3.2 meters
    10.499 ft
    125.984 in
Overall Length
  • 14.7 meters
  • 10.5 meters
    34.449 ft
Max Weight
  • 15.9 metric tons


Max Acceleration
  • 5.28 G
  • 42000 kg x 2
  • Beam gun x 2

The FF-XII Core Fighter II is a fighter craft/escape craft from the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

Based on the original FF-X7 Core Fighter the FF-XII Core Fighter II was designed as part of the RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes"'s Core Block System. Normally serving as the cockpit for the RX-78GP01 the Core Fighter II doubles as an emergency escape craft. It also serves splendidly as a scout craft, a role that it can perform more efficiently than any mobile suit of the time.

The Core Fighter II features several improvements over the original Core Fighter. First, it has a more streamlined and aerodynamic design, which helps to offset that it is both longer and heavier than the original. A second noted improvement is that unlike with the original Core Fighter the Core Fighter II is equipped with the RX-78GP01's beam saber, that are mounted under the wings in flight mode. These beam sabers double as beam guns for the Core Fighter II giving it a powerful ranged attack, arguably more powerful than any fighter craft short of the FF-X7-Bst Core Booster. Core Fighter II's thrusters also function as GP01's thrusters instead of being deadweight like the original Core Fighter.


  • Beam Guns
Mounted under the wings of the Core Fighter is the Zephyranthes's beam sabers, which are reconfigured so that when the cockpit is in core fighter mode they serve as low energy beam guns suitable for aerial dogfights.


In the year UC 0083 there were two FF-XII Core Fighter II units in existence. Both units were part of the Albion's mobile weapon complement, the first unit serving as the cockpit for the RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes" as it was designed to. The second unit was a spare for the first that was used as a scout craft.

After the theft of the RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" the Albion pursued it to Africa where Kou Uraki would fly numerous scouting missions in the Core Fighter II in search of any sign of Zeon presence. When it was discovered that Anaheim Electronics worker Nick Orville was a Zeon Agent the man escaped by stealing the spare Core Fighter II. The captain of the Albion, Eiphar Synapse, allowed Orville to get some distance before sending a team to follow him, believing that the panicking man would lead them to the Zeon. The plan worked in that they found Zeon soldiers, however those soldiers had led Orville astray in order to sacrifice him, for his stupidity, and themselves if that was what it took to but enough time for the stolen Gundam to get to space. When they shot down Orville they destroyed the Core Fighter II he was piloting, leaving only the original that was within the Zephyranthes.

When the Albion went into space and docked at the Anaheim Electronics facility at Von Braun city on the moon, the RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes" received an upgrade into the RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam Full Vernian "Zephyranthes" which included upgrading the FF-XII Core Fighter II into the FF-XII-Fb Full Burnern Core Fighter II.

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