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The FF-X7-Bst Core Booster is a space and atmospheric fighter featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam II: Soldiers of Sorrow and Mobile Suit Gundam III: Encounters in Space compilation movies.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

In order to compensate for the Core Fighter's deficiency in heavy firepower, the FF-X7-Bst Core Booster was deployed by the Earth Federation as a high-speed space/atmospheric assault aircraft. The unit was basically a Core Fighter combined with a heavy-duty booster module, greatly improving its speed, firepower, armor, operational stamina. Armed with two powerful mega-particle cannons, four 25mm vulcan guns, 2 four-round missile launchers and an impressive payload of bombs, the Core Booster could serve both as a high-altitude air superiority fighter and a tactical bomber. In space combat, the Core Booster served as a serious support unit of the mobile assault squadrons for Federation warships, most notably the Pegasus-class assault carrier White Base.


  • 25mm Vulcan Gun
Equipped on the nose of the Core Fighter.
  • Mega Particle Cannon
A pair of high output beam weapons that are capable of penetrating thick mobile suit armor.
  • Micro Missile
Equipped on both sides of the aircraft.
  • Bomb
Multi-warheads can be dropped from the bottom of the aircraft.


During the One Year War, the Core Booster was originally created to increase the survival rate of mobile suit pilots by function as an escape system. Since the mass-produce GM was never installed with a core block system the production line was stopped. However, there were still mobile units using core block systems and the Earth Federation had to keep spare parts around. The Core Fighters were given a booster unit to increase its fire power, agility, and mobility. This way the Earth Federation can salvage their expenses by mass-producing them as Core Boosters. The Core Booster's performance surpassed even the FF-S3 Saber Fish which was the newest Fighter during that time. Since the Core Booster had an equivalent performance as the Gundam's power plant and weaponry similar to Gundam's beam rifle. The problem was the Core Boosters cost, however its construction and armaments were reevaluated. Then it was sent to the White Base for a test drive. In the end, the Earth Federation continued building the Core Booster units. They even settled using parts of the core fighter and switching to solid ammunition. The Jet Core Booster and other projects would later be developed.




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Notes & Trivia

  • The FF-X7-Bst Core Booster's appearance in the second and third compilation movies was because Yoshiyuki Tomino wanted to remove elements that made the series feel more like a Super Robot series than what he intended and the G-Fighter was one of those elements.


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