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The F90F Gundam F90 Fight Type (aka Gundam F90 F-Type) is a variant of the F90 Gundam F90 featured in the F90 A to Z PROJECT.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The F90F Gundam F90 Fight Type is one of the many mission packs developed for the F90 Gundam F90 by the Strategic Naval Research Institute. The Gundam F90 Fight Type, or F-Type for short, specializes in close combat. Its main armament is the arm fighting equipment mounted on the forearms. In addition, mounted on the side skirt hardpoints are two sub arms, which feature simple manipulators capable of holding the mobile suit's beam sabers. As a result, the beam sabers can be used while the arm fighting equipment is deployed, allowing the F90 F-Type to deal with multiple enemies simultaneously. Its backpack is fitted with thrust vectoring panels behind the two large thrusters, allowing the mobile suit to maintain its speed while changing direction quickly, greatly improving maneuverability and enhances its overall performance.


  • 60mm Vulcan Gun
A pair of shell-firing weapon built into the head. Though not powerful, its high rate of fire meant it was employed to intercept enemy missiles/units, as warning shots, and to destroy lightly armored targets.
  • Arm Fighting Equipment
Mounted on each forearm hardpoint, the arm fighting equipment covers the fists when deployed. By generating needle-shaped beams from the three beam generators on the front of the equipment, it is possible for the F90 F-Type's attacks to penetrate the enemy's armor.
  • Beam Saber
The beam saber is a small device held in the mobile suit's hands when deployed and is powered by a rechargeable energy capacitor. It emits high-energy Minovsky particles to form a blade-shaped I-field (via manipulation of electromagnetic fields), and then fills this I-field shell with superheated Minovsky particle plasma to produce an effective cutting blade. The F90 has two beam sabers stored on the backpack.
  • Beam Rifle
The beam rifle is the standard ranged weapon of most mobile suits, it fires a compressed mega particle beam which can penetrate most physical armor not treated to resist it. The F90's beam rifle is powered by a replaceable E-pack located at the weapon's rear.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Sub Arm
Mounted on the side skirt's hardpoints, the pair of Sub Arms can unfold to reveal simple manipulators for holding the F90 F-Type's beam sabers. This allows the mobile suit to use both its beam sabers and the arm fighting equipment to battle multiple enemies simultaneously.




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