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The F-SAVIOUR F-Saviour is a custom high-performance mobile suit based on the RGM-196 Freedom. It is featured in the G-Saviour Sound Cinema radio drama. It was piloted by Andy Sinclair.

Technology & Characteristics

The F-Saviour is a custom Freedom modified by the Saviour team. While outwardly appearing similar to the Freedom, the internal components have received extensive modifications from the Saviour team. Despite the Freedom being over two decades old, due to the modifications, the F-Saviour boasts high mobility and outperforms CONSENT mobile suits such as the CCMS-03 Bugu.[1] This unit was ultimately shelved after being used for the development of the G-Saviour.[2]


  • Vulcan Guns
A pair of vulcan guns located in the head. Used to thwart enemy movement.
  • Beam Rifle
A prototype beam rifle designed by the Saviour team.


Following the defection of the members of the CONSENT Saviour mobile suit development team led by John Saviour, they began to work with the Illuminati to produce their own mobile suits. The F-Saviour was one of their early attempts, and is simply a heavily-modified Freedom.

During this time, a resistance group called Club Four had formed to combat the corrupt local CONSENT government. To assist them, the Saviour team traveled to the area and delivered the F-Saviour. Andy Sinclair, a former CONSENT pilot, piloted the F-Saviour against CONSENT forces. Following these events, the F-Saviour was shelved and its data was used to develop the G-Saviour.


Notes & Trivia


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