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Ezalia Jule (エザリア・ジュール Ezaria Jūru?) is a fictional character from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


Ezalia Jule is the mother of Yzak Jule. A member of the PLANTs' National Defense Committee headed by Patrick Zala, she is his strongest supporter, and like him sits on the Supreme Council. She is also a member of the same radical faction as Zala. Ezalia Jule is originally from Martius City - home of one of ZAFT's primary arms manufacturers, Martius Arsenals. Her specialty is in aviation, aerospace, and engineering. At the end of the Second Battle of Jachin Due, she is arrested in a coup d'état led by Eileen Canaver.

After the conclusion of the Second Alliance-PLANT War, displeased with how Yzak never pays attention during blind dates, she makes three holographic maids based on his dates (which she voiced herself) to get him to look at them, much to Yzak's annoyance.



  • In the Japanese version of Gundam SEED, Ezalia and Murrue Ramius share the same voice actor.
  • Alison Matthews, Ezalia's English VA, is also the main narrator of the English version of Gundam SEED.