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The Extreme Gundam Tachyon Phase is a variant of the Extreme Gundam, equipped with the Tachyon Phase Pack. It is featured in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs." arcade game, and is an original MS designed by Kunio Okawara.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Listed as a Prototype Close Quarters Combat mobile suit, the Tachyon Phase of Extreme Gundam is noted to possess powerful melee attacks and thick armor, through the use of Tachyon Slicer - a gigantic sword stored on the back of the suit. To make up for the total lack of ranged weaponry, the Extreme Gundam Tachyon Phase is capable of generating and hurling gigantic electric spheres several times the size of the Extreme Tachyon at its enemies by detaching its forearms. When the Extreme Gundam uses this pack, its faceplate opens up to reveal a secondary one resembling that of those used on traditional Gundam designs and "ears" unfold, giving it a striking resemblance to the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero. The yellow v-fins also separate from the white ones and are raised up a few inches.


  • Tachyon Slicer
Mounted on the back of the mobile suit, the giant beam sword is used like a two handed weapon, and is capable of generating a large vertical sword beam at least twice the height of the machine. By slamming the sword into the ground, the Extreme Gundam Tachyon Phase can create an electrical nova around itself.
  • Energy Trap
The Extreme Gundam tosses small blue spheres of energy which then discharge a burst of power, stunning any mobile suits caught in its radius.
  • Energy Field
The Extreme Gundam stands still or floats in the air as it creates a discharge of energy that stuns all nearby mobile suits.
  • Energy Swords
The only other ranged option, the Extreme Gundam can manifest swords composed purely of energy that rise up from behind it and fling themselves at whatever the Gundam is targeting. It either creates a multitude of small swords for a barrage or three larger ones to pulverize them.

System Features

  • Armor Packs
The Extreme Gundam Tachyon Phase can have its armor exchanged for different armor packs for different capabilities, which includes its Carnage Phase Pack, Ignis Phase Pack and Mystic Phase Pack.


The Extreme Gundam is a pilot-less mobile suit. Inside it is a bodiless core named "EX-". The Tachyon Phase serves as the final boss of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Versus if certain conditions are met during a play through of the Arcade mode.

In Gundam EXA, EX- develops the Tachyon Phase using data from Extreme Gundam Type Leos Xenon Phase.


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