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The Extreme Gundam Mk-II AXE (エクストリームガンダム Mk-II アクス) is a Prototype Multi-Mode mobile suit and upgrade variant of Extreme Gundam. It is also the core unit of Extreme Gundam Dystopia Phase Mobile Armor. The unit was featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON arcade game and the Gundam EXA VS manga. This unit is piloted by Ex Treme.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


  • Beam Sabers
The unit's standard close combat armament, capable of slicing a mobile suit in half.
  • Multi-Purpose Shield Sabers
Extreme Gundam Mk-II AXE is armed with a multi-purpose Shield Sabers, it can transform from two-in-one shield into twin sabers. These weapons usually stored on its backpack when it's not use. In shield mode, Extreme Gundam Mk-II AXE can use two shields on its arms to block any physical attack, and it can combine into single shield to deflect any incoming beam attacks. In twin beam sabers, it can not only use shields as a close quarter combat weapon, but it can generate larger beam sword capable of cutting any MS in half.
  • Extreme Cannon
Extreme Gundam Mk-II AXE can fire its beam cannon from its mouth when the faceplate is opened.

System Features

  • Wings
When operating at full capacity the machine is capable of generating six seraphic wings akin to the Moonlight Butterfly or Wings of the Skies. When generating these wings all of its abilities gain an upgrade: the energy balls come in groups of five instead of three, the copies it generates are much more solid in appearance and the unit itself moves with greater speed.

Special Attacks

  • Afterimages
The Gundam is capable of moving at speeds fast enough to leave behind afterimages to distract opponents and draw enemy fire. It also shows the ability to project hard-light copies of other Gundams to attack in its stead such as Strike Freedom firing shots from its combined beam rifles or 00 Gundam Seven Sword attacking with the GN Buster Sword.
  • Energy Pillars
With a gesture, it can create gargantuan pillars of light via the laser cannons in its hands.
  • Energy Balls
It can fire two types of energy blasts from its hands---a series of orbs that damage enemy suits or electrified ones that paralyze a suit and leave it open for a followup saber slash.


After Extreme Gundam Type Leos II Vs piloted by Leos Alloy and Sthesia Awar destroyed Extreme Gundam Dystopia Phase, Treme survived the attack and the black Extreme Gundam (the core unit) emerged from the wrecked Dystopia Phase, and Treme got away with Extreme Gundam Mk-II AXE not before he leaves his last words to Leos that a new battle begins.


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