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The Saint Metal Changer Ex Valkylander (聖機竜化士(セントメタルチェンジャー) エクスヴァルキランダー?), nicknamed Morgiana by Parviz, is a Gunpla appearing in Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE. It is an upgraded version of the Valkylander.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Ex Valkylander is an SD Gunpla built by Parviz that use the Valkylander as its base. The Gunpla has been vastly upgraded and greatly refurbished with a motif resembling the sacred beast Cuadorn that Parviz encountered on Planet Eldora. The Ex Valkylander retains the Valkylander's transformation mechanism, allowing it to change into the dragon-type Ex Gundragon Mode, warrior type Ex Valkylander Mode, and Dragon Fusion(竜合身)Mode.


  • GN Gunblade
A pair of giant twin swords, they are one of the new weapons built for the Gunpla. They can be attached to the Legend Wings during Dragon Fusion Mode, and are mounted on the sides of the tail in Ex Gundragon Mode. When the two GN Gunblades combine, they become the powerful GN Twin Gunblade.
  • GN Mega Flare Device
A large, handheld beam firearm.
  • GN Grip Dagger
An all-purpose weapon that can be combined with various equipment, for example, it can serve as the grip of the GN Mega Flare Device. When used individually, it can function as a sharp dagger.
  • GN Gunshield Custom
Together with the refurbishment of the Gunpla, the Valkylander's GN Gunshield is also upgraded. The GN Gunshield Custom has enhanced strength and gained the ability to become the base of new weapons.
  • GN Ex Ballistar
A large bowgun created by combining the GN Twin Gunblade and GN Grip Dagger with the GN Gunshield Custom. Additional energy is supplied from the Dagon's Jaw chest energy intakes and charge into the GN Grip Dagger. The hair-like Cooling Cord cooling system can be utilized to its limits to fire an energy arrow with high penetrating power.
  • Avalanche Rex Buster
The same triple barrelled beam cannon as utilized by the original Valkylander. When Ex Valkylander fires this weapon alongside the Seravee Gundam Scheherazade and its GN Ptolemy Cannon, the attack is known as "Twin Meteor Cannon".

Special Equipment & Features

  • Legend Wings
The Ex Gundragon Mode and Dragon Fusion Modes are equipped with newly created enhanced wings. The sacred beast Cuadorn's wings serve as their motif and they can be combined with the GN Gunblades to gain even sharper flying abilities.
  • Gundrans-Am
A unique version of the Trans-Am System inherited from the original Valkylander.


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Notes & Trivia

  • The words "Cuadorn Form" and "Cuadorn Wings" in the design sketch are likely there to indicate they are the inspiration/motif for Ex Gundragon Mode and Legend Wings respectively. The manual of the SDBD:R model kit also has similar notes about this.


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