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Ex Treme (イクス・トリム) is the main antagonist from the second part of Gundam EXA VS and final boss of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxi Boost ON.

Personality & Characteristics

Thought his appearance of a child, but he was actually a reconfigured data of EX- Primo recovered.


Sthesia Awar Primo chose him as a trump card to separate Leos and Sthesia. Fon Spaak vaguely sensed his identity that Treme is in fact the reconfigured data of EX- that Primo recovered. Treme manipulates Sthesia order to achieve his objective, to seal the Al Ada's conscience and data, and to kill Leos Alloy with her own hands. After Leos was killed and Treme's plans completed, Sthesia is not able to withstand her own breakdown and was nearly deleted. However his plans were backfired when Primo, Sesto, Acht, and Nono gave all of their powers to revive Sthesia. When Sthesia calls for Leos, he was revived along with Type Leos II Vs when he answered her call. Together Leos and Sthesia with Type Leos II Vs use their powers to destroy Dystopia Phase along with Treme.

However, Treme survives the attack and the core unit of Dystopia Phase emerged from the wreck and disappeared in front of them. Treme left his message to Leos that their battle is just the beginning.



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