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The "Eve Wars" was a war between the World Nations, White Fang, and the Gundam Pilots in the year A.C. 195. Each organization possessed a base of operations to prepare for upcoming battles, the World Nations used the resource satellite MO-II, the White Fang used the large space battleship Libra and the Gundam Pilots used the large space support ship Peacemillion.


The Eve War began when the revolutionary group, White Fang, composed of rebels from the space colonies, captured OZ engineer Tubarov and took control of the (still being constructed) battleship Libra and the OZ's Mobile Doll Factory on the Moon.

After building up their forces, the White Fang launched an assault on OZ's Space Fortress Bulge using their Mobile Dolls, the Virgo and its successor, the Virgo II. The OZ space forces deployed their Taurus Mobile Dolls armed with laser gun to counter the Virgo series' energy barrier. During the battle, Bulge's commander fired the fortress' main cannon, taking out a sizable portion of the White Fang's Fleet, including the command ship as well as damaging a nearby colony. The Bulge was then destroyed by White Fang's leader, Zechs Merquise, and his Gundam Epyon.

Near the end of the war, Treize Khushrenada, the leader of World Nations, allowed himself to be killed by Gundam pilot Chang Wufei as he viewed his death as necessary to achieve true peace. Soon after Trieze's death, Lady Une declared the World Nations' defeat. However, White Fang refused to stop and continued with their plan to drop the Libra on Earth and causing a global catastrophe.

Libra's descent was later stopped by the Gundam Scientists using the Peacemillion. However, the battleship's Block A broke away and continued falling to Earth. The Wing Zero Gundam and Gundam Epyon fought one on one for the last time that ended in Heero's triumph. The 4 Gundam Pilots then entered the block and destroyed as much of it as they could. Zechs contributed by destroying the block's power reactor using his Gundam Epyon, resulting in an explosion that took with it a substantial portion of the block. The remaining part of the block was finally destroyed by Heero Yuy and his Wing Zero Gundam.

As the G Team achieved its victory this event triggered the formation of the new Earth Sphere Unified Nation, as well as peace between the space colonies and the Earth Sphere.

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