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Eugene Sevenstark (ユージン・セブンスターク Yūjin Sebunsutāku?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Personality & Character

Eugene is courageous, and physically and intellectually gifted. However, his impulsiveness renders him somewhat unlikable.[1] His pragmatic viewpoint towards protecting Tekkadan makes him willing to make moral compromises that his comrades may disagree with. Despite this, he is trustworthy and would go to any lengths to protect his friends and teammates.

Skills & Abilities

Eugene is one of the main Mobile Worker pilots for the Chryse Guard Security's Third Group along with Mikazuki Augus, Norba Shino and Akihiro Altland. He also possesses a Alaya-Vijnana System implanted in his body.

Eugene is also a good Armored Assault Ship pilot via the use of the Alaya-Vijnana System. Orga even places his trust on Eugene to command the ship in dangerous and dire situations. His most noticeable moment is when he commanded the NOA-0093 Isaribi and former Brewers' Armored Ship in evading the attacks from Gjallarhorn's Outer Earth Orbit Regulatory Joint Fleet, a feat that no one ever accomplished before by controlling the two ships using the Alaya-Vijnana System.

Although he excels in battlefield operations, Eugene is capable of executive office work, as shown when he, Orga, Merribit, Azee, and Takaki review the Earth Branch accounts after the Arbrau-SAU border war.

Eugene would pilot the STH-16/tc2 Orga's Shiden‎‎ when Gjallarhorn attacked the Mars HQ. Despite being previously beaten in training by Akihiro and Mikazuki, he had no problem providing support fire during the battle.


Like Mikazuki and Orga, he is a boy soldier who belongs to the CGS participation program. When he was a participant in the program, he often rebelled against Orga, but after Orga established the Tekkadan and took on the task of transporting Kudelia, he showed a willingness to take on dangerous missions on his own, and Orga entrusted him with the command of Isaribi and steering the ship using the Alaya-Vijnana System. After the Battle of Edmonton, he assumed the position of Deputy Leader. He is mainly in command of the group's mothership, but when the Gjallarhorn surrounded the Tekkadan's Martian headquarters, he personally intercepted and provided logistical support in Orga's Shiden. At the end of the battle, when he learned that the members of the group had escaped from the basement to Chryse, he evacuated, leaving the rest to Mikazuki and Akihiro. Years after Tekkadan's disbandment, Eugene became a bodyguard as well as Kudelia's personal assistant.


Norba Shino

Shino is known to tease and fight with Eugene to great extents, sometimes physically, and in return, Eugene shows little tolerance. However, there are many instances where they are shown to get along greatly and care for one another. This is evident when they spend a night partying together, every time Shino slings his arm around Eugene's shoulders, and when Shino cheers up a self deprecating Eugene in the hangers. By P.D 32, their relationship continues to grow closer, showing that alongside their friendship, they also work together wonderfully as teammates and on the battlefield.

Takaki Uno

When Eugene, Takaki, Lasker Alesi and Kudelia visited the grave of Makanai, Takaki still called Eugene "Deputy Boss" out of habit despite Eugene now working under Kudelia.[2]


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