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Enhanced Human Tale: MAD WANG 1160 (強化人間物語 MAD WANG 1160, Kyouka Ningen Monogatari: Mad Wang 1160, 1994–1995) is a manga originally serialized in MS Saga and written by Kaoru Morishita. It is a continuation of his previous Cyber Comix story Enhanced Human Tale: Another Z Gundam Story. The story is set in the distant future of the Universal Century timeline, departing from the normal setting of Gundam. It should be noted that the term "Gundam" is not utilized in this work, and is one of the first UC works to implement nanotechnology in the story, which was also used Turn A Gundam.


Mad Wang 1160 takes place in the year UC 1160, some 1072 years after the events of the manga Enhanced Human Tale: Another Z Gundam Story. The three main characters, Shiva Yips, Decoder S. Wallenstein and Mell Mekanika awake from cold sleep (cryonics) in each of their colonies and are swallowed up in the Earth vs. the Outer Space Alliance's battle.

Timeline of Events

  • UC 0220 - Emigration to the stars begins.
  • UC 0310 - Solar System Federation established.
  • UC 0355 - Pan-galactic Republic established.
  • UC 0559 - Interplanetary war.
  • UC 1160 - The Solar System Federation goes to an independent state.
  • UC 1160 - Mobile fortress outer shell under construction.


Chapter.01 - Uno Cominciare -Beginning-

Chapter.02 - Due Muoversi -Movement-

Chapter.03 - Tre Dolere -Pain-

Chapter.04 - Quattro Cambiare -Change-

Chapter.05 - Cinque Ritornare -Return-


List of Mechanics



  • ISBN 4-07-304817-1


  • The term 強化人間 kyouka ningen literally means enhanced human. However, according to one of the Data Gundam installments in Gundam Ace, this term is a stand in for 'cyber-newtype'.

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