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Episode 49: End of a Long Journey is the forty-ninth and final episode of the Three Generations Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


Desperate to achieve victory, Falk Ocramud orders the Vagan Gear to be launched, piloted by Zera Gins. It proceeds to destroy a number of Federation MS, until it's confronted by the three Gundams. Thanks to the co-operation between the three Asuno members, Vagan Gear is overwhelmed. However, the arrival of Sid changes everything, as it unites with the Vagan Gear and goes on a rampage, damaging La Gramis. Seeing an opportunity to wipe out the Vagan for good, Flit attempts to launch a plasma diver missile at Second Moon, only to be stopped by Kio, Asemu and Yurin's words, which urge him to forgive the Vagan. Flit does so and co-ordinates the Vagan and Federation Forces in separating La Gramis from Second Moon, saving the colony. Vagan Gear's subsequent destruction by Kio in the AGE-FX marks the end of the war. In the epilogue, it is stated that thanks to the technology of the EXA-DB and the AGE System, the Everse System was created to counteract the Mars Rays, allowing humanity to populate the Mars Sphere safely. The final scenes depict an older Asemu and Kio standing before Flit's statue in Brucia, with Kio commenting that the Earth is doing just fine.

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