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Emily Asuno (エミリー・アモンド・アスノ Emirī Asuno?) (née Amonde) is the female lead of the first generation arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. She is a childhood friend of Flit Asuno and eventually marries him by the second generation.

Personality & Character

She shows great concern and caring for Flit, often relating it back to the fact that the two of them are childhood friends and that she is closest to him. Her caring extends to the point that she willingly ignored common sense, military orders for civilians to evacuate, and her own general safety to reach the ship Diva in order to make sure Flit was alright after he piloted the Gundam.


Early Childhood

Emily has known and been Flit's friend since the two were children, although it is unknown whether she lived at Ovan alongside Flit or if they met at Nora.

AG 115

By AG 115 Emily remained Flit's closest friend and his primary outlet to life beyond the development of the Gundam. It is around this point in time that Emily has developed feelings for Flit. Because of her feelings Emily stows away aboard the Diva and more or less becomes a crew member so that she can stay near Flit, whom she continually tried to convince to leave the Gundam and fighting and come with her to Tordia.

Ultimately Emily comes to terms with Flit's desire to fight in order to protect others.

AG 140

Emily, now 39, has married Flit, lives in Tordia, and has two children. The elder child is 17 year old son Asemu Asuno and the daughter Unoa Asuno.


Flit Asuno: Best friends since childhood, Emily cares greatly for Asuno as she does not want Flit to pilot the Gundam due to fear of Flit's death. By A.G. 140, they are already married and had bore a son & daughter together.



Notes and Trivia

  • During the First Generation, her relationship to Flit is comparable to that of Fraw with Amuro and Fa with Kamille.
  • As an adult, she looks like Sayla Mass from Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • In the English dub, she has the same voice actress as Natora Einus.
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