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Elmer Snell (エルマー・スネル Erumā suneru?) is a character that appears in the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: The Gravity Front. He piloted a MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type.


An ace pilot of MS-06 Zaku II MS, Cpt. Elmer Snell was active in European front line. He had destroyed numerous Type 61 MBTs, the mainstay of Earth Federation's ground force for much of the Zeon's Earth Invasion during the One Year War. He earned the moniker "The White Ogre" with his customized Zaku II Ground Type sported an all-white color scheme with distinctive lizard emblems on its shoulder shield and left forehead.

Personality & Character

He had shown to be cruel and merciless towards enemy's tank crews, as he enjoyed the crushing and stomping of disabled Type 61s with his Zaku's legs, which permanently disfigured Type 61's commander Herman Yandell and nearly cripped him for life.

Snell was haunted by the "Death God" and developed a grudge against Yandell, his arch rival, as both wanted to settle the score on the battlefield once and for all.

Skills & Abilities

As a MS pilot, Snell was calm and level-headed, as shown with his analysis on enemy's mobilization to pin-point Yandell and his platoon's whereabouts. He was also a marksman, scoring accurate hits against Type 61's with the Zaku Bazooka rounds.


On July 26, U.C.0079, Snell and his MS teammates left the main Zeon MS troop which was due for the front line battle with misinformation spread by the E.F.F., and searched for Yandell's MBT platoons to arrive and fought the long-awaited battle between the Zakus and Type 61s. Despite the loss of his teammates and two Zaku IIs, Snell thought he had destroyed all 8 Type 61s at the spot when in fact Yandell's extra unit was hiding and caught Snell off guard by hitting his white Zaku directly at the backpack, and with subsequent shots caused Snell's Zaku cockpit to explode and killed Snell eventually.


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