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Elle Vianno (エル・ビアンノ?) is a character from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.


A friend of Judau Ashta from their junk dealer days at the space colony Shangri-La, Elle Vianno becomes the pilot of the Gundam MK.II boarding the Argama. While at first only a novice pilot, her undaunted determination eventually makes her one of the Argama's finest. Although she has no political ideals, her allegiance to her comrades is undying. She is constantly fighting with Roux Louka for Judau Ashta's affections, but is ultimately drawn to Beecha Oleg, and returns his feelings before the final confrontation as she recognizes that Beecha is the only one who can have a decent conversation with her on a regular basis. After the end of the war, she and her friends see off Judau and Roux, who are leaving for the Jupiter sphere, at Von Braun City on the Moon.


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