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Eledore Massis (エレドア・マシス Eredoa Mashisu?)[1] is a character from Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. He fought in the One Year War as part of the 08th Mobile Suit Team, where he served as the team's sonar expert on the Hover Truck.

Personality & Character

He has a good temperament, and his normal attitude towards his work is quite unserious, but when the time comes, he does his job well. Eledore often flirts with teammate Karen Joshua, and develops feelings for her after he deliberately gets himself injured after escaping from Zeon troops that took over a town to keep the damaged Apsalus from being discovered.

Skills & Abilities

Eledore suffers from claustrophobia, which prevents him piloting a mobile suit; instead, Eledore serves the 08th MS Team in a support capacity from the Hover Truck. He possesses excellent hearing, and with the sonar sensors in the Hover Truck, can pick up on moving objects and pinpoint their exact location. Through this, he provides valuable intel on the location of enemy forces.


He belongs to the 08th MS Platoon and is a corporal. He is the second oldest member of the 08th Platoon, after Karen. He aspires to become a musician in the future, and sends his own songs to contests. In episode 5, he receives a letter informing him that his song has made its major debut, and he breaks his standby order to go to a village near the base with Michel to celebrate, but they are captured by Zeon soldiers stationed there to repair the Apsalus, and are confined to the basement of a hotel. In order to escape, he steals a Zaku Tank and gets into the tank, but is unable to close the cockpit hatch due to claustrophobia, and although he succeeds in escaping, he is shot and injured. However, with Karen's first aid, he is not seriously injured and is transported to a field hospital in the rear. From the field hospital, he makes a request to a radio DJ for his song, which has made its major debut. He later makes a full recovery and returns to military service as a member of the 08th Platoon from episode 9.

Notes & Trivia

  • In "Anaheim Journal", there is a description of Eledore's music being broadcast on the radio.


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  1. Some official sources give his last name as Machis or Mathis; however, the spelling used in the official English release, Massis, is what is used on this wiki.