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The Electromagnetic Armor is a Vagan defense system in the Advanced Generation timeline.


The Electromagnetic Armor is a type of Vagan armor. The Electromagnetic Armor emits an energy barrier capable of blocking most beam weapons and nullifying even the beams of some DODS weapons. However, the Electromagnetic Armor is useless against more powerful beam attacks such as the AGE-3 Gundam AGE-3 Normal's SigMaxiss Rifle. The armor is first used on the ovv-a Baqto, and later becomes commonplace on most Vagan mobile suits by A.G. 140. The Electromagnetic Armor was rapidly developed as a counter to the appearance of DODS weapons, most notably the DODS rifle. Unfortunately, Vagan engineers were only able to successfully implement Electromagnetic Armor into the forearms of mass-production mobile suits (though some rare models were able to implement the armor throughout most of the body). Furthermore another drawback is that it could only be activated for a brief amount of time; meaning the timing and placement must be precise to nullify an attack and that it can be overwhelmed by concentrated fire. Nevertheless, it provided a sufficient defense against beam weapons and was as (or even more successful) compared to shields used by Earth Federation's mobile suits. An Earth Federation engineer named Alfred Clonwell speculated that the Electromagnetic Armor is based on a magnetic field system that was developed to protect humans from the effects of solar wind (different from Mars Ray) on Mars' surface.[1]


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