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Edmond Du Clos (エドモンド・デュクロ) is a 37-year-old security officer in the DSSD's Technology Development Center in South America. He is a character of the ONA series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: STARGAZER.


Skills and Capabilities


He was once in the military as a tank platoon commander but retired after the First Alliance-PLANT War with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Because of this, he holds strong resentment towards ZAFT. He also has a strong sense of responsibility which he showed when he took his sister's son under his care. His sister was a DSSD engineer but was killed during the war.


In the year C.E. 73, Edmund was working as a bodyguard in the employ of the Deep Space Survey and Development Organization, specifically looking after Selene McGriff who he was quite close to. The two of them managed to survive the flooding caused by the fall of Junius Seven, however, they were cut off from the DSSD facility where Selene was scheduled to be launched into space within the next several hours. Knowing that if Selene was not there in time for the launch the organization would have no choice but to send that shuttle on ahead and launch Selene on a second shuttle later, a process that would cost the organization time and money it could not afford to lose. Seeking help Edmund went to a rescue center where the Atlantic Federation military was working to aid the city's refugees. By chance, Edmund met up with his former subordinates from whom he requested the use of a helicopter. However, despite being respected by the military the unit's commander had little choice but to point out that Edmund's request was unreasonable as there was not a single resource that could be spared from the task of aiding the refugees.

At this time, a ZGMF-1017 GINN Insurgent Type began attacking the city, indiscriminately killing soldiers and civilians alike. Edmund quickly put Selene on a motorized raft and sent her on her way to the DSSD facility, before he returned and requested to take command of a platoon of Linear Tanks in order to combat the GINN. Despite being a civilian, his request was granted because of his reputation. With the tanks under his command, Edmund engaged the GINN using the majority of his forces as a distraction while the tank he personally commanded and acted as the gunner for moved in close to get an assured kill shot.

He successfully destroys the GINN Insurgent Type, allowing a DSSD shuttle to launch safely, but the GINN fires back, just before it was destroyed, killing Edmund and destroying the Linear Tank he was piloting. He did, however, live long enough to see the shuttle with Selene escape.


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