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Eddie Miyasaka
Eddie Miyasaka (A.D. 2312)
Voiced By:
Age: 35 (Season 2)
Affiliations: Katharon
  • Aerospace Technician
  • Katharon Agent

Eddie Miyasaka (エディ・ミヤサカ Edei Miyasaka?) is a fictional character in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Eddie is a space engineer and co-worker of Saji Crossroad in episode 1 of Season 2.


Eddie Miyasaka was a space engineer and co-worker of Saji Crossroad in the Space Colony Proud. He was a former worker of the Union army,([[]])

but he joined the rebel organization, Katharon, after the countless suppression/mopping-up operations done by the A-Laws. When the Federation police exposed his identity, Eddie and Saji were both arrested. While Saji was taken to Proud's high-gravity block, it was not shown where the Security Officials took Eddie. His ultimate fate was unknown.


Earth Sphere Federation

Main article: Earth Sphere Federation He was a space engineer for the ESF and worked on the Space Colony Proud.

Saji Crossroad
Eddie was a co-worker of Saji.


Main article: Katharon He was a undercover agent for Katharon.

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