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The Earth Federation (地球連邦 Chikyū Renpō?) are one of the main factions featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga and its OVA adaptation.


In the last days of the Anno Domini era, it was said that the world population had passed 10 billion. Humanity decided to build space colonies and carry out a space emigration program in order to resolve Earth’s population problem. This project was widely seen as a desperate recovery strategy to address humanity’s most urgent concerns, such as energy and food problems, environmental issues, and international conflicts. The winds of a turbulent time led to a movement of perhaps unprecedented scale, as people chose to form a giant governmental system to drive this huge project. An Earth Federation was established, capable of unifying all of Earth’s nations, races, and regions [1].

The Earth Federation was created as history’s greatest national organization, in order to combine Earth, the Moon, and the new world of space colonies into the new concept of an Earth Sphere, and govern them as a single unit. Its governing institution was a Federation Assembly placed above every nation, race, and region, which employed its great political strength to carry out space colony construction and space emigration policies [1].



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