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The Earth Federation is a global government featured in the Advanced Generation timeline, and its military is known as the Earth Federation Forces.


Ever since its foundation, Earth Federation was governed by the Olfenoa family. The government structure of Earth Federation in Advanced Generation is unknown. In A.G. 142, commander Flit Asuno revealed the failed colonization project on Mars and its cover-up done by the Olfenoa family, which tried to hide from being framed as guilty and leading the family to collaborate with Vagan. After Froi Olfenoa's capture and the following purge against the other collaborators, a new government was set up. It's assumed that the new government has no relation with the former one.

Earth Federation Forces

The Earth Federation Forces (EFF) are the armed forces of the Earth Federation and all orders to either branch of the Earth Federation Military are directed from the Earth Federation Forces headquarters Big Ring. While they're behind in mobile suit development compared to Vagan, after the appearance of the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal the Earth Federation worked to study its technology in detail.[1] While the AGE System was not mass-produced, technology such as the various weapons and the basic frame of the AGE-1 were widely adopted.[1] Due to this revolution in technology, the Earth Federation Forces progresses to strengthen their military arms.[1]

Known Military bases

Known Personnel

Earth Federation Forces Mobile Weapons and Vehicles during the One Hundred Years War

Operation Eden Phase 1 & War of Bat Extermination (A.G. 115)

Mobile Weapons

Warships & Vehicles

Operation Eden Phase 2 (A.G. 140 - 142 )

Attack on Tordia (A.G. 140 & A.G. 141)

Mobile Weapons

Attack on Big Ring to Battle for Nortram (A.G. 141)

Mobile Weapons

Warships & Vehicles

Federation coup d'état (A.G. 142)

Mobile Weapons

Encounter with Sid (A.G. 151)

Mobile Weapons

War on Earth & Last Phase of Operation Eden (A.G. 164)

Mobile Weapons

Warships & Vehicles

Aftermath (A.G. 201)


Note: For the Federation's history, please go to One Hundred Years War page.



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