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The Earth Federation is a global government featured in the Advanced Generation timeline, and its military is known as the Earth Federation Forces.


An unified government of the Earth Sphere which has existed since before 150 years ago from A.G. 115. Ever since its foundation, the Earth Federation was governed by the Olfenoa family. The Earth Federation has the Earth Federation Forces as its military organization, but the organization was restructured after the Silver Chalice Treaty concluded after the Colony Nation War and the current Earth Federation did not have a Federation Force from the end of the Colony Nation War until the Day the Angel Fell. The upper echelons of the Federation know from the beginning the true identity of the UE (Vagan), but they hide it from the public, and cover up the fact by falsely announcing to the public that Grodek Ainoa's actions were the decision of the Federation General Command. However, behind the scenes, the upper echelons are connected to the Vagans, and have been conducting manipulative activities such as assassinating Grodek. In 142 A.G., at the memorial ceremony for the first anniversary of Day of Courage, Flit Asuno revealed the failed colonization project on Mars and its cover-up done by the Olfenoa family, while also exposing the existence of informants to Vagan within the government and military in front of the public. After this, Froi Olfenoa and his wife, who were present at the ceremony, were all exposed and purged by the "Purge Committee" established by Flit, and the organization was drastically restructured, but there was still no end to the number of informants.

Earth Federation Forces

An army established by the Earth Federation government after the Day the Angel Fell in A.G. 101 (similar armies existed before that, but were dismantled at the end of the Colony Nation War). It is the largest military force in the Earth Sphere, and possesses many weapons such as mobile suits for battle and space battleships. Each fleet consists of about ten ships, and each platoon consists of five mobile suits. However, its technological capabilities are significantly inferior to those of its enemy, the UE (Vagan), as all weapons and full-fledged military technology were discarded in the Silver Chalice Treaty at that time, and mobile suits developed after the Day the Angel Fell is in line with the treaty. While they're behind in mobile suit development compared to the Vagan, the Earth Federation worked to study its technology in detail after the appearance of the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal.[1] While the AGE System was not mass-produced, technology such as the various weapons and the basic frame of the AGE-1 were widely adopted.[1] Due to this revolution in technology, the Earth Federation Forces progress to strengthen their military arms,[1] but it is always inferior in combat power to the Vagans, who have put to practical use their technological power (with the exception of AGE system technology), X-Rounder research and combat deployment, and the Psycomet Mu-szell that draws out the abilities of non-X-Rounders in a simulated manner. In addition, the military has been corrupted by the long war, and there are even units that act like pirates and units that collaborate with the Vagans.

Military Bases

  • Ambat (abandoned/destroyed)
  • Arinston Base (destroyed)
  • Big Ring (general headquarters/destroyed)
  • Brucia (capital city)
  • Luna Base
  • Nortrum (production facility)
  • Olivernotes Base
  • Rostroulan (temporary central command in A.G. 164)

Known Personnel


Note: For the Federation's history, please go to One Hundred Years War page.



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