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The Earth Attack Force is a faction featured in Mobile Suit Gundam. One of the three principle branches of the Principality of Zeon's military, it was led by Garma Zabi.[1]


The Earth Attack Force was divided into five regional branches known as Terrestrial Mobile Divisions. The 1st Terrestrial Mobile Division was stationed in Europe and Central Asia, the 2nd and 3rd on the west and east coasts of North America, the 4th in Oceania and Australasia, and the 5th in Africa and the Middle East. [1]


The Earth Attack Force was created in February of U.C. 0079 in order to carry out a full-scale invasion of Earth. By the time the Side 7 incident occurred in September, the Earth Attack Force already controlled two-thirds of the Earth's surface.[1]

When the SCV-70 White Base escaped from Luna II to Earth, Char and his men made sure they would land in territory controlled by the Earth Attack Force. Char had contacted Captain Garma Zabi, telling him that the V Project had been found. Due to the actions of Char, Garma was pleased, and prepared for Char's arrival.[2]


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