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Earth's S.O.S.: Rescue Gundam Federation is the forty eighth episode in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.


Domon's father is now out of his cryogenic state and says that to beat the Devil Gundam Domon must destroy the colony's power source. Gundams from around the world gather to defend the Earth from the Devil Gundam. Ulube meanwhile decides to go back into the Gundam Fight and pilots the Grand Master Gundam which consists of the Master Gundam and the other members of the Four Heavenly Kings, created from the colony's power source. After a grueling battle, the Shuffle Alliance destroys Ulube with their combined power, but the Devil Gundam Colony does not stop. With no other choice, Domon's father tells him the only way is to destroy the Core Life Unit, Rain. Domon refuses, and leaves alone to search for Rain.

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