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The EZM-S01 Midas is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The EZM-S01 Midas is a high-performance mobile suit developed in secret for use by Lieutenant General Kizo. The entire body is coated in golden anti-beam coating and boasts the highest generator output among Zanscare MS. Its mobility surpasses that of the EMS-TC02 Phantom, a machine equipped with the Minovsky Drive.


  • Beam Claw
Emitted from the fingertips, they are powerful enough to pierce through standard beam shields.
  • Beam Manteau
A cloak-like beam shield that is powerful enough to defend against the Crossbone Gundam X-0 's "Kujaku" at close-range.
  • Kaiser Staff
The dedicated Kaiser Staff can transform for ranged battle or close-combat.
  • Midas Touch Flash
The hidden advantage of the Midas, it is a flash of light emitted from the head that immobilizes MS. The Midas Touch Flash is the result of the Weapons Development Team "Golden Eggs'" research into old MS and the discovery of a type of "bug" that exists within the base operating systems of MS. The Midas Touch Flash emits a unique light pattern that penetrates MS visual sensors and misleads the MS' movement program into receiving a command to stop system functions.

Special Equipment & Features



Notes & Trivia

  • Its name comes from Greek mythology's King Midas, who turned everything he touched to gold.


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