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EXA-DB (エグザ・ディービー Eguza Dībī?) is a large military database featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Memories of Sid manga series and the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime series.

Description & Characteristics

EXA-DB is a massive data bank of pre-AG technology from before the Colony Nations War. It contains a collection of blueprints, combat data, and effective tactics along with all technologies of the wars of the past.[1] After the Silver Chalice Treaty, which led to the abandonment of all weapons, the documents and data that were to be destroyed were secretly compiled by the Federation government of the time and left behind as "EXA-DB".[1]

It was hidden in an asteroid where it was guarded by the unmanned mobile weapon "Sid".[2] However, there is some evidence of another party has infiltrated it, with a following supposition that Vagan mobile suits are based on the stolen data.[2] Fezarl Ezelcant obtained a portion of it in A.G. 84, 80 years before Part 3 (Kio's arc) while investigating the corruption of the Federation Forces, and is revealed to be the source of Vagan technology.[1] It is referred to as a "cursed treasure" by the Bisidian space pirates and in Zeheart's own words, "Depending on how it is used, it could lead all of space to ruin" and "has the power to bring order to the world".[1] Reuna Inertia's father was among its developers.[2]


Kio Arc

Both the Earth Federation and Vagan searched frantically for EXA-DB, however, none had found it until Zeheart goes out into Earth's asteroid field in the Gundam Legilis, after hearing that it may be hidden there, as well as the unknown mobile suit "Sid". Zeheart finds Sid, and sees it as a test, fighting it.

Asemu and the Bisidian pirates sees the battle, and heads out to destroy it. Asemu launches and tries to help Zeheart, although they were failing. Sid falls back towards an asteroid, which turned out to be EXA-DB.

Zeheart manages to destroy Sid, and Asemu tries to destroy EXA-DB. He is then stopped by Zeheart, who he then fights for EXA-DB, but is interrupted by the Baronche, which "destroys it". It is later seen that EXA-DB is still intact and is recreating its protector, Sid.

After the Battle of La Gramis, Vagan and Earth Federation scientists were able to use technological data from the AGE System and EXA-DB to create the Everse system and made the Mars Sphere safe to colonize.

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