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The EMS-TC03 Bailarina is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost.

Design & Development

In constrast with the EMS-TC04 Desphys, the EMS-TC03 Bailarina was designed with emphasis on precision long-range shooting. The entirety of the legs function as large diameter, high-output VSBRs. The VSBRs mounted in the legs are named Needle VSBRs which specialize in "narrowing" the beam compared to standard VSBRs. The Needle VSBR is capable of maintaining continuous shooting while retaining penetration power and range by tightly focusing the beam to the limit in exchange for a narrow attack area. However, there is a limit to continuous shooting as depicted when the gun barrels overheat and become unusable after the Bailarina continuously fired beams that reached low Earth orbit from the ground.

Because the fuselage is specialized for equipping VSBRs, the legs, which also serve as the VSBR gun barrels, are thin and unstable. The legs barely function for walking under gravity and combat depends on the ability of the pilot. Bailarina also has transformation mechanic, this mode is more suited for long range shooting and slightly increases its flight ability.


  • Needle VSBR
  • Beam Fan



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