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The EMS-TC02 Phantom V2 (aka Phantom Gundam Version 2) is a transformable mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Dust.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Phantom V2 is the XM-XX Ghost Gundam now restored to the original EMS-TC02 Phantom Gundam specifications, without the Ghost Gundam's anti-beam coating. However, due to drifting in space for fifteen years, many of its original armaments have been lost and its Minovsky Drive system has deteriorated. Furthermore, due to the lack of engineers with the proper knowledge, maintenance on the Phantom cannot be properly performed, reducing its performance to about 75% of its original capabilities.

This was later rectified when Font joined Cyclops, where their engineers were able to restore the Phantom V2 to its original state, using newer technology.


  • Nose Rotor
A new armament developed for the Phantom V2 to replace its Flame Sword, following its recovery. The rotor can be used as a beam cutter, a beam shield, and a beam vulcan can be emitted by polarization in the I-field.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Phantom Light
  • Mirage Bird V2
MA form of Phantom V2. The appearance has changed greatly with the front by the installation of the nose rotor. The propulsion is obtained by the rotation of the rotor in the nose. Although the load on the Minovsky Drive has been reduced, the engine's output has been reduced, so there is no change in the usage limit time.



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