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The EMS-09 Vagon is a mass-produced mobile suit, it is featured in the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

In terms of combat strength the EMS-09 Vagon is similar to the EMS-06 Batara, the mobile suit from where the Vagon's design was derived. However while the Batara was designed as an all purpose mobile suit, the Vagon was designed for ground combat or combat in small enclosed spaces. To facilitate this purpose the Vagon is capable of retracting its lower legs into its upper legs, connecting the wheel segments mounted on its feet and shoulder. In this configuration the wheels become its primary mode of transportation, allowing it to move quickly across the ground, its small profile and speed making it exceptionally difficult to hit. The only disadvantage of this ability is that it prevents the Vagon from using a variety of weapons so this mobile suit is usually only equipped with a beam rifle.


  • Beam Rifle

Special Equipment & Features

  • Wheel Segments


The EMS-09 Vagon is one of the mobile suits created by the Jupiter Empire based on their EMS-06 Batara mobile suit. Its first recorded use would be on Jupiter's moon of IO in the year UC 0133, where these mobile suits would combat the Crossbone Vanguard in defense of the military base where their President resided.


  • The Vagon bears a resemblance in appearance and function with the Guti.
  • "Vagon" means "car" or "wagon" in Spanish.

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