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An EL-Diver (EL (エル) ダイバー EL Daibā (pronounced as Ellu Diver)?), shortened from Electronic Lifeform Diver, is an electronic lifeform born out of the massive amount of data in GBN. There are 87 known EL-Divers in existence.


The existence of EL-Divers was first theorized by Ms. Tori. The first known EL-Diver, Sarah, was discovered by Force Build Divers members Riku Mikami and Yukio Hidaka. However, her identity as an EL-Diver wasn't known until the GBN administration conducted an investigation following the Nadeshiko-athalon incident. Though viewed as a threat by the administration in the beginning, following the fight for Sarah's life during the 2nd Coalition of Volunteers battle, the EL-Divers became more widely accepted and they live in real life under the administration's supervision. Some EL-Divers, such as Sarah and May, are granted special Gunpla bodies known as "Mobile Dolls" that mimic their looks and are made by Koichi Nanase and Tsukasa Shiba. It is unknown if EL-Divers that are killed are permanently erased.

Known EL-Divers

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