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The Logo of ECOAS

ECOAS which stands for Earth COlony ASteroid is the Earth Federation's special task group in the 0096 U.C. It was formed not long after the first Neo-Zeon war. It was created as a backup group for Londo Bell team. It first saw combat in Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn.


ECOAS is a newly-established unit of the Earth Federation Forces that is tasked with exposing and mopping up Neo Zeon forces remnants. Their base of operations is Luna II. Their activities cover a broad range of things from military needs to simple policing, and they’re guaranteed special rights. Their existence is kept a secret within the Federation Forces. They are stationed on board the Nahel Argama since their departure from Luna II.


Earth Federation Special Task Group. A newly put together group that is in charge of hunting down the Neo-Zeon remnants. Known as the Manhunter unit. They also seem to have some knowledge of the Unicorn Gundam. Their only known mobile units are the transformable D-50C Loto and the special-ops Jegan variant RGM-96X Jesta.

Collapse of Side 4's Industrial 7 colony

In 0096 U.C, Daguza Mackle leads his ECOAS 920 special forces team on a operation to prevent the opening of Laplace's Box. Traveling along with Londo Bell ship, Nahel Argama, ECOAS team infiltrate Side 4's Industrial 7 colony to capture the key of the Laplace's Box the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam. The ECOAS weren't successful in the capture of Unicorn Gundam due to there encountor with Neo Zeon remants and the collapse of Side 4's Industrial 7 colony.

Batle of Palau

After the Unicorn Gundam was captured by Full Frontal with the help of Marida, Banagher was takes to the nearby colony Palau. The Federation prepares to mount an assault on Palau to regain the Gundam while Mackle and the crew of the Nahel Argama come up with a plan to rescue Banagher as well. And for the mission, two ECOAS teams took jurisdiction of the mission, which Alberto Vist called unprecedented.

Known Members

  • Daguza Mackle - is the leader of the Earth Federation Forces' ECOAS 920 special forces team.
  • Conroy Haagensen - is the second in command of the ECOAS 920 special forces team.

Mobile Suits

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